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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 11D, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Is it still possible to get posted as a TACP if you are cap badged R SIGNALS.

    If so has anyone got any POC that could give me a heads up about chasing one of these posts?

    Rumour has it, the crabs are the only ones to get TACP posts now.

    Is 616 TACP(FAC) still in existence??
  2. Yes it is still possible to get posted to TAcP.
  3. hey any info pm me too......... been looking at them postings....... cant find any info anywhere
  4. I take it you want to be the TACP's signaller then ? Several TACP's have RAC as there signallers ,
    I6AA TACP are the only ones that have RAF in there TACP's . Try contacting JAFACTSU at
    RAF Leeming .There are a couple of Royal Signals full screws there they may be able
    to point you in the right direction .
  5. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Are there Officer posts available?
  6. To be posted to a TACP as an officer you must be an FAC .Dont know if Royal Signals officers
    are FAC's , ive never heard of one . Might be worth a look .
  7. I was ex TACP 614 in Aldershot
    they moved from there to sunnier climates i.e Larkhill

    we had an Officer ex 264 as a FAC in Catterick
    i served 3 years in TACP the best time ive ever had
    no bullshit and you just crack on with your job.

    you also get to travel quite a bit as well

    the jobs are being taken over by the Arty and RAC now
    with 16AA the comms jobs are being passed to the crabs.

    get your ADJT or 2ic to push for you
    there were only 6 openings for the Corps when i was doing it.
    we also had a mad time with the ground war in 2003
    saw stuff that i would never see sitting on my arse on a rebro!
  8. Yeah but i saw stuff sat on my arse on a rebro you would never have seen on TACP. :lol:
  9. Lol
    such as freckles, digging your genes in! and straightening yor cam nets!
  10. I know one and 2 R Sigs Cps who are FAC's for that matter.
  11. The last OC 602 TACP(FAC) was badged Royal Signals. There are still a number of R Sigs signallers kicking around. I believe that the Corps was struggling to fill all the signaller's posts and so it was opened up to all.
  12. PM darth _doctrinus he would know of any . I am a germany based FAC and there are none over here.
  13. *Deleted*