TACP and FACing in the TA

What's the score WRT TA Inf getting down on the FAC / TACP type course? I will ask the PSI and the seniors etc but does any one know the score?
FACing in the TA usually occurs at Platoon nights out where any attached female personel get borderline gang raped after half a bottle of scotch.
We have some guys doing the FACing course but they had to sign on for a FTRS 2 year hit. (Not sure if that was part of the deal to get them the course or just because they could not be bothered to get a real job.)

I 'think' it is like any of the gucci Army long term course quals now, they dont have a TA version and will not spend the money on someone who will not use the qual so insist on you doing it and then a doing tour or two after. The best way to guarantee that is to get you to FTRS.
Drop Forniup a PM.

Thanks for the help chaps. Can't seem to find Forniup MSR... can you give me a hand!?

Are there LSN's for this role in TA Inf units? Or are the roles kept within certain units? I've seen there's a Sigs unit in Bath, any others?
Reference TA FAC, yes we are 'some sigs unit in BATH', 21 sig reg FAC Trp.
The only TA FAC Troop in existence. ( currently six TACP's on paper)
As has been pointed out already, the only other route into FAC qual. for TA bod is a massive FTRS commitment.
If you are too geographically removed to make BATH a feasible proposition, you might do well to think of another avenue / aspiration.
If not, get in touch and make the move. :wink:
The course is way oversubscribed so the chances on getting on it if you are not in role is well non existant. You might get an in via 100 Regt (parent to 266 Bty ?). Otherwise do as gyppo says and get down to Bath.

Have a FACing good day.
We have a Rupert who did the FAC course, he was originally in the Cav so had applied prior to his transfer, did a Herrick tour and has just signed for FTRS.
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