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  1. Had my pre selection interview today. The recruiter talked to me about the Terms And Conditions of service. Apparently i need to memorise these for the next pre-selection interview.

    He said something about VEng and other such things. Can anyone help me in getting this information? I havnt really had any luck looking it up on the world wide web....... :(

    Any and all help is much appreciated.
  2. TACOS


    More about TACOS

    Hope one of these links helps.

    Sluggy xxx
  3. Nice, I never knew you could get them online. Cheers Slugster!
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    She might be good or bad, but she always wins, and she has spoken to her Brother xxx

    Dale xxx
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  11. Guys thanks very much. Helped out A LOT!.

    i will be disappointed if he doesn't ask me about this now. :(
  12. Sluggys put some good links there, read between the lines and the main things you need to know are:

    Minimum 4 years service up to 12 years service on Veng(Short) you then can get offered up to 24 years on Veng(Full) and even onto 30 years service on VENG (Long)around your 9-10 year point if good enough you will be offered either Veng(L) or VENG (F).

    During this time you can give a years notice to leave after the 3 year point.

    You have a DAOR option after 4 weeks of basic training up to your 12 week point for over 18s and 6 month point for under 18s.

    Know all the values and standards expected of you.

    Respect for others
    Selfless commitment

    And know about CDT (Compulsary Drug Testing)

    Mainly be chatty, and know locations where we train, deploy and are based and activities we have been involved in in last ten years like foot and mouth, fire strikes, peacekeeping etc.
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  14. Seriously guys. Love you for this. Im stressin' my balls off about this. Final interview now and thats me. Thanks mucho to yas all.
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