TACOS paperwork

Have had a dig around in many years worth of admin and cannot find my Terms and Conditions of Service document. Anyone know where I can get a copy of it?


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What year are you looking for? The current page reads:

The Army Terms and Conditions of Service (TACOS) Handbook Document Overview


The Army Terms and Conditions of Service (TACOS) Handbook. The Army TACOS Handbook has been substantially revised and updated as Edition 3. This version is now extant. There is a large degree of similarity between the information contained in Edition 3 and the new proposed Army Leadership Handbook being staffed by RMAS. DPS(A) has decided that publication of Edition 3 will be placed in abeyance until the issue of duplication between it and the new Army Leadership Handbook are resolved. There are therefore no copies available through LLangenech.

New Version awaiting review

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