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Mary was looking to buy a present for her 10 year old grandsons forthcoming birthday.

Her daughter told her that little Danny had recently been fishing and was keen to take up the sport.

Armed with this information, she went to the local hunting and fishing store. After some browsing she selected what she though might be an ideal starter rod and reel for her wee boy.

She approached the sales desk, where a male assistant, wearing dark glasses, welcomed her to the store.

"Would this rod and reel be a good starter set for a 10 year old?" she asked.

"I'm sorry madam, I am registered blind" said the assistant, "However if you drop the items on to the counter, I can identify them by the sound they make"

Somewhat sceptical, Mary did as suggested with the rod and reel.

"That's an 11 foot, 3 piece Charter rod, together with a 1BB, pre spooled reel" said the assistant, without hesitation.

He continued, "They are absolutely fine as a starter kit for a young angler"

"How much?" asked Mary.

"£44 total" came the reply.

Mary agreed to the purchase and the assistant proceeded to wrap the rod and reel.

As he was completing the task, Mary, having dined on cabbage, let go a ripper of a fart. Fortunately for Mary, the store was quite busy and after all the assistant was

The assistant then rang up the purchases on the cash register.

"£57:50 please" said the assistant

"What!?" exclaimed Mary, "I thought you said £44"

"That's right" came the reply;

"£44 for the rod and reel, £10 for the duck caller and £3.50 for the live bait!"
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