Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by barry99, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm off to the Hurst in just over a week for the 3 week test phase of TACC & absolutely sh*tti*g it! Is it really that bad, anyone who's done it recently?

    I've spent loads checking off the kit list & think I'm reasonably fit. Perhaps it's just the "hype" everyone gives it that's making me so nervous.
  2. best tip is to ignore the "hype" you speak of!

    yes of course you need to be fit, but probably not as fit as those clowns are saying. despite what people say it's not all testing; a lot of the course is taught also.

    remember, it's only 3 weeks!

    don't get me wrong, it's hard but probably nothing you haven't encountered on preparatory courses (tactics/doctrine in Mod2 & field intensity in Mod3).

    when i did it, most people loosened the bowels over their command appointments. just stop, calm yourself, and think you got through Mod3 appointments so you can do it again (assuming you didn't mong it obviously).

    good luck!
  3. Seconded. People love to exaggerate these sorts of things.

    I did the last course and the DS kept on saying that 081 onwards will be a change of structure to the syllabus.

    It's 1 big field phase, rather than 2 separate phases - but operating from a forward operating base. Not sure how that will work (i.e. pure command appointments or teaching/testing).

    I would imagine this will be the hardest part of the course, which you're nervous about. Just give it your all and as dorodri said compose yourself. If it were 100% hell do you think the majority would pass, which is what inevitably happens? All the best
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Stop being such a big girl's blouse.

    Are you a future leader of men?

  5. I drove down to Sandhurst with a good friend of mine, and both of us were incredibly nervous about the course on the drive down. However, once we got into the swing of things, both of us (and most others on the course) really enjoyed our time there. In fact, the only people that seemed not to enjoy their time there were the people that had something hanging over their heads such as a PFT re-test.

    Don't let the "hype" get to you, but equally don't be complacent. You will need to give it 100%, and you will need to keep doing so throughout the course.

    There are still two field exercises, but the second one is now seven days rather than three.
  6. really? so almost half the 3-week course in the field. i would imagine a lot of teaching/revision will take place - unlikely that it will all be tactical. he says...
  7. So, the course is running over easter then. That'll please the staff!
  8. reckon they'll get a few days off, or the catholics among them - or perhaps a church parade, or even an easter egg hunt navex??

    that said, i wonder if any wishful thinker was forward-thinking enough to have tactically put down 'religion: catholic' on the joining proforma, considering the possibility of a few days/hours off on the course to mark easter.

    surely the DS will get the time off?
  9. Like Guy Fawkes :?:
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Quite right. As did all Christians deployed abroad over Christmas, and people of Chinese descent over the Chinese new year period.
  11. So this upcoming course is interfering with OCdts', and more importantly the DS's, easter, there's a new field phase, and I have also heard that there will be a new war studies/LOAC phase. So much in only 3 weeks - bound to be a few fcuk ups.

    Does anyone know of any other changes facing those poor guinea pigs over the next month? Intriguing I have to say.
  12. RMAS doesn't 'do' Easter as a holiday. The Commissioning Course runs on unabated too, and it's 'business as usual' for the whole Ac - so the TACC aren't alone, and the staff won't be doing anything they wouldn't normally be. There will no doubt be provision for those who wish to go to chapel, but don't expect a bank holiday!
  13. Hi, i am also going on this course next week. I was wondering why this course is split into 4a and 4b on the JI. It says that 4a is a preparatory course and 4b the commisioning course itself, but what exactly is 4a about?

    For example, are we assessed on it or is it Sandhurst's way of helping us for 4b?
  14. Barry 99 & Leobaker

    Firstly good luck, however a bit concerned that your Regiment/OTC/RTC has not given you a complete briefing?

  15. Thanks. Well my RTC told us that we had the opportunity to do the two parts separately if we wanted. It is likely to have briefed my guys, but I seldom attend training evenings with them (due to distance to get there for just 2 hours!).

    I'm guessing it's loads of fizz & revision of tactics, etc. iot 'prepare' us for the main course...?