Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by drodri111, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. does anyone know of the basic timetable for the 3 week TACC? Most grateful for it. Thx.

  2. Yup March July Sept

    March not sure, Sept for 2007 last three weeks of the month (probably the same next year) Jul for 2007 last three weeks of the month (prob ditto).
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Or do you mean what happens on each day?

  4. I think he meant "Does anyone know what happens on the three week course and on what days"?

    Day one, Week one, Morning: Basic English skills. It's a requirement for all Ruperts.
    Day one, week one, Afternoon: How to communicate your point clearly. Another requirement for all Ruperts.

    Looks like you've failed those drodri, so you don't need to know anymore.
  5. yes that's kinda what i mean. cheers for that other info anyway other chap.
  6. If it hasn't changed for 5 years or so, it will go something like:
    Week 1 - Running about, a bit more running, some more running, oh and some more exercise, running with kit, down into cover, up from cover, oh and some more running. Command appointments throughout the course.

    Week 2 - Running, running with a map, more running with kit, sitting down and looking at where you are going to end up running, ground appreciation and back briefing on where you are going to send others running. 7 Qs til your eyes bleed.

    Week 3 - guess what !............but the pressure is on as the standard of your running will be under even more scrutiny than the previous 2 weeks by the DS. Oh and there is a nice long walk. Then 3 days in the field with more running........Then some...........marching!

    In amongst all that will be the best teaching/tips you'll ever get, as the DS there are fantastic. You are there to learn as much as show the DS that you have the right stuff. Don't be the grey man/women but don't be a C*ck. You will have a superb time. It was undoubtedly the highlight of my time in green kit so far. Have a sense of humour and enjoy it.

    Good luck

    Edited just to add: Oh and you'd better be good at running
  7. lol.

    sh*t - better get to the gym then. thought there wouldn't be that much fitness to be honest.

    what r the ops tho - i'm guessing deliberate & hasty attacks, recces - anything more?
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Op "polish your boots"

    Op "fablon the world"

    Op "stamp your feet"

    Op "run around Barossa"

    Oh, and quite a few advance to contacts/hasty attacks.

  9. Have you begun any PO training yet, and if you have which stage are you at? I'm mightily surprised that anyone interested in Sandhurst would a) not be fit and b) not think they need to be fit.

    For the sweet love of the Pink Zombie Jesus, if you phrase questions like that you'll be getting nowhere near the TACC.

    Is this a wah? Do you think that the TACC consists off a couple of attacks, a recce and then back to the Mess for Pimms? For lords sake man, get a grip, we never leave the Mess in the first place. Dammed dirty work, soldiering, best leave it well enough alone.
  10. well normally these things are exaggerated. if you're told there's lots of fitness that usually means there's two sessions. i'm probably fit enough for two sessions.

    i did my cic in catterick last year and that was quite easy. everyone i ask says cic is physically harder than sandhurst cuz you're treated as a low-of-the-lows grunt at catterick, whereas as sandhurst it's a gentle tally-ho cruise by comparison.
  11. I believe that the bit about riding polo ponies into lakes of Dom Perignon doesn't begin 'till at leat the second week. Taking the top off a Champagne bottle with a sword is likewise not learned until one is certified as safe to operate sharp machinery and mandatory "not running with scissors or swords" training has been delivered.

    Other subjects on the syllabus are:
    1. Learning how to wear one's uniform in an Officer-like manner (including lessons on how to de-shape a beret, iron triple parallel creases into clothes and emulating the deportment and bearing of a sack full of horseshit tied up with a '58 pattern belt. PQO's are expected to score especially highly in this subject area.)
    2. The lobotomy to remove the part of the brain responsible for navigation will be performed on day 2.
    3. Lessons on how to suck all the momentum out of an attack.
  12. Well, that is based in truth. As an Officer doesn't do much tabbing around, they generally are not expected to be fitter than a recruit. I tend to wonder if it's worth putting exercise in any Potential Offcier traning programme, as it's really enough to look as though you could run a mile and a half, rather than actually having to. It's all about image.

    As a rule, they don't like to upset potential officers, because it would be counterproductive. So any physical exercise is usually at your own pace, under gentle guidance of the DS. The last thing they want is someone bursting into tears, or complaining to the powers that be.

    All in all, I find it ridiculous that more poeple don't become Officers. I certanly don't see why people could fail the course*.

    *I assume we are discussing the French army?
  13. perhaps instead of 'tacc' i should've authored this 'fitness - cic vs rmas'. however, i was interested in the rmas course as a whole, not just fitness.

    i missed out on a weekend visit to rmas with my rtc last week, during which they were briefed on the 3-week course. that's why i'm so curious.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I'm sure those who did attend will be able to fill you in.

  15. How much phys is there?

    Well put it this way that some guys I know who went there lost a stone in the three short weeks they were there and they were by no stretch of the imagination built for comfort in the first place.

    I recall seeing an e-mail doing the rounds about this time last year questioning whether 09:30 is the new 10:30 for the PFT.

    Impossible amounts of phys? No. Strenuous amounts? Perhaps.

    Fit as an infantry recruit? One would hope fitter as the whole course is designed around infanteering so it is awkward leading by example when you're trying to catch everyone up...