Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bomb_burst, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi All,

    I am looing at doing CC 111, just winding up Mod 2.

    What would you say entry level i should be at? Obviously sh*t hot at 7 Qs, personal admin, but what about fitness levels? Other things i may not have considered, VP etc?

    I have done a search, but any top tips from the guys who've done it recently? Why were prople failing? What can i do to make my life easier?

    From what i've read it seems the first 2 weeks are about testing you and the third week is trying to sort your drill out. Is this a fair assessment or can you still fall majorly flat on your face in week 3?


  2. Get drunk every night, don't polish your boots for the whole three weeks, whinge on the night ex about the cold and damp, stand back on the team tasks, be really crap at drill, eat pot noodles five times a day in the preceding month, make lewd comments about the girlies, and wink at the Commandant. You'll be fine.
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  4. thanks msr, i saw this but am nowhere near!
  5. TACC or CC?
  6. The_Duke

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    I really cannot recommend attending the LONDIST RTC briefing evening highly enough - even if you have to travel quite some way to get there. The team there consistently produce the best results at the TACC in terms of numbers and pass rate, and have a very good record on top students as well.

    If you really can't make it, it may be possible for them to give you the top tips by PM. Beware other advice from posters on here unless you are absolutely certain that they know what they are talking about. There is an awful lit of out of date rubbish or "top tips" from the bottom third being posted.

  7. msr

    msr LE

    I wonder of Ex_P could video the event and put out a DVD?

  8. Cheers, as OP i can only echo wannabeloggie's comments as i am in the arrse-end of nowhere
  9. Right I'll assume my comment has been ignored, and TACC is the one you are on about.

    As to detailed info go the the Lond Dist seminar or any other RTC Potential Officers (PO's) information weekend/day.

    [On an aside if it is the regs course you want then post in the regs forum though I'd bet all you need is average phys and good attitude. Average meaning being able to pass the PFT and CFT cause they'll teach you the rest!]

    As for the TACC I can mention these points:

    You can not do TACC without having done Mod 3 and Mod 2 hence you might feel the need to question your preparedness now being sub Mod 2, but wait until you have a passed Mod 3 before worrying.

    Second and most importantly- try and do Main Board/ Breifing/ both ASAP, if poss before Mod 3 as failing afterward could be a great blow personally.

    As for RMAS- Fitness is a given, I mean the formative assessments are MATT level- PFT and CFT (Max level 8 miles with 25kg- which for a young lad/lady who has passed a fairly typical Mod 3 with and RTC should have no problem doing.- obviously female weights being lower.)

    VP- At RMAS there is always a Zero monitoring your sigs- though if it is sensbile then don't worry.

    At RMAS there are many "tests"- ie written Map/Pracitcal Map reading, Personal admin in general, Communications, Law of Armed conflict etc... Where it matters is when you are in command appointment in the field. If so do to the best of your abiliity and take on board what they say. When in the field and not in appt give maximum effort to the guy who is busting his guts to try and do well. Remember you are all there to pass and commission so give maximum effort throughout- they will notice- one guy failed on mine due to lack of drive when other people were in command.

    If you want any specifics of course I was on please PM me, I'm happy to give info or ask away on the topic/forum.


  10. Does anyone have a MEL for the TACC? or a rough breakdown of when the field exercises are and what we do in barracks inbetween?
  11. Should be in your JIs. Or failing that ring them and ask.
  12. Are you taking the piss? What are you thinking? I'll book a few days off inbetween Exercises because you're just sat around doing nothing?!?
  13. TACC MEL - ho ho ho!

    Let's just say one of the things that the TACC incorporates (or at least, used to) was an element of...err...adapting to a changed situation!

  14. Sorry, lower weights for females on an Age and Gender free test? Really?
  15. I think I've left the gas on.