Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Panoptes, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Evening gents,

    Long time no post. Hope you all are having a good summer. Was just wondering if anyone who has been on TACC recently can give me any useful information, tips or advice about the course. My limited knowledge extends to it being 3 weeks long with a 7 days ex and a big parade at the end despite my best efforts to learn more.


  2. yep

    1st week:
    2/3 day on camp, PFT, CFT, WHT, Map Reading and TEWT practice
    3 day exercise to get everyones ideas of a platoon attack the same
    3 days back in camp to end the first "phase", lectures RE the TA, some phys, some LOAC and church parade.

    2nd week:
    Ex prep, PRACTAC (be prepared for it to be slightly different than MOD3 in what the DS are looking for) drill and deploy onto 7 day ex. Ex is good fun, despite the seemingly never ending advance to contacts.

    3rd week: Drill, Drill, Drill, Drill, LOAC, Drill. Big parade, drinks and photos with the Mrs/mummy and daddy on the steps.

    Listen carefully
    Don't upset the DS
    Don't areslick the DS
    Be smart, hardworking and on time ALL THE TIME
    Take out kit insurance!!
    Take as much kit as you can (shirts/trousers/boots/SPARE PAIR OF DECENT INSOLES)
    Write everything down

    and finally, when (which you will) your having a shi'ite day, walk/drive down to Old Collage, look at it, think "yeah, I'm good enough to be on this parade" and go and sort your admin out.

  3. take a sense of humour...

    seriously bring as much kit as u can, I saved loads of time by having lots of pairs of trousers. remember its an issue kit only affair, so no gucci boots unless you have a chit.

    make sure you have EVERYTHING on the JIs


    Bring lots of cash and chequebook, mess bills, photo, it all adds up sadly. oh and HM supplies got alot of cash from my course!
  4. and prepare to be fucked about

    despite this being one of the longest running courses, and held at the prestigious RMAS, most of the 3 weeks for me was still on the bus, off the bus.

    also - there will be a few briefings and lectures. expect to fall asleep as youll be knackered and those theatres are far too comfortable. if u do nod off, stand up - they love to see ppl with the ballox to stand up. 3 fellas got thee most horrendous bollockin off the CSM, im pretty sure they came back with tears wiped off their faces!!

    if i think of any more wee tips etc ill post. i presume youre doing the september intake? expect it to be as huge as mine - we started with approx 100 people, biggest intake in 15 years or something, its the best time for the OTC lot to go down. IMHO they didnt have the staff or resources to deal with that many so maybe they might be restricting the intake this year....
  5. With the cancellation of March I suspect they won't be restricting CC093 too much!
  6. Excellent advice thanks guys.

    What is the exercise like- basically a ramped up version of MOD3? with 5/6 Advances and then recces/fight patrols at night with the odd deliberate attack?

    How different is it to a module 3?

    Is it worth taking a laptop?

  7. my 7 day exercise was 3 advance to contacts a day, platoon strength obviously. we did one deliberate attack at night. we had a tonne of time off, quite laid back actually, and didnt rain once - bonus.

    laptops are good to have when youre in your room bulling your boots. highly recomended.
  8. Irish_Cream

    Do you think that's typical of other courses?

    What is the main diference you felt between previous modules and RMAS. What was the most challenging bit for you?

  9. well my pl comd said they were experimenting with the format of the exercise, as in the past ppl were falling asleep on their feet and as such they decided to go easier on us, thus giving us tonnes of time to sort our admin in the morn and give us the nights generally task-free.

    my mod 3, conducted over 2 long weekends was horrific, much harder than rmas, basically because there were more staff than students (no joke) and terrain and weather was horrendous (scotland).

    hmm most challenging bit...sword drill for the pass out parade.

    haha i jest, cant really think now, cant remember much of the course, although sword drill was pretty feckin tricky. i shall post later once ive had a think.
  10. ill be very honest actually. people passed out who shouldnt have. so unless your shit, and you will know you are because you will be told, or you will get into trouble for doing things wrong, youll have nothing to worry about.

    unfortunately, as awesome as it was to comission, and dont get me wrong i certainly dont regret it, seeing that crowd of mongs get their pip really fecked me off. i am far from perfect, but others had been far below par. but they all went back to OTCs so it wasnt particularly an issue. If however they moved to TA then id be concerned.

    this has gone slightly off topic but the point im making is dont worry about the course, the time flies by, you will have fun, and you may even discover a blood brother/drinking partner/fellow bezzerer to retell stories to late into the night in a penthouse flat in glasgow whilst attempting to make contact with hookers using google on an iphone. good times.
  11. which raises another point, for those who are OTC and considering goin to RMAS:

    Dont waste your comission at OTC. Transfer to the TA and learn what it really means to be an officer. All you're really staying for at OTC is the drink and tail, which you can still have cos ex-members are always welcome at their OTC.
    Transfer to your nearby unit and properly get involved in commanding and leading.
  12. Hah! As long as the RSM leaves and there's a new one, eh?
  13. yeh i shouldve left a subnote! even still, the adj was always knocking about!
  14. Nice to see they continue to teach Values and Standards. :D
  15. a man will go to any lengths to displace memories of the stag rota on RMAS exercise.