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TACC RMAS Weekend- whos going?

I've just received the paperwork for the upcoming collegiate weekend at Sandhurst and wondering if anyone else here is going. The programme looks especially riveting- need reassurance that there will at least be some decent guys/girls on the weekend to lighten the inevitable death by powerpoint and prevent me from chewing my own fist off through boredom.

So, who's going?
That was me being positively benevolent, but if my efforts not appreciated I'll drop the pretence.
With any luck, on the way to pick up your Tamiflu, you'll be knocked down by a bus.
Vane_Tempest said:
Positively jubilant.

If it helps, I've heard that cranberry juice can really ease menstrual pain. You should give it a go.
Id happily go, only so I could spend the whole weekend wiping my nasal sperm on your tweed jacket and running my house keys over the bonnet and side panels of your MG....toodles x

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