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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sgtpepper, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    1. I've been reading elsewhere that the tacft weight got reduced at the last course, presumably due to the increase in length from 4 to 6 miles. can anyone clarify this? I passed out this time last year and the weight was 15kg for jetpacks+webbing, i.e. not including rifle; but was only 4 miles.

    2. Also, anyone know what % passed? On my course it was 80% and the last course was just below 60%! During my course, some candidates passed with bpfa run times worse than 10:30 (not much though, say, 10:45) and cft failure - believe it or not! I can only assume that RMAS has had enough of such failures. The PTI at my unit also informed me that the PT schedule of the TACC is due to change anytime soon. What was it at TACC 072 out of interest?
  2. Journo?

    "TA Officers fitness substandard horror" on the pages of the Sun?

    If you need to know, then you know. If you're attempting the course, then sort your fitness out. Stop being a nosy cunt.
  3. My unit are doing the Six mile CFT on the Next Matts W/E. We are a tri service unit so have people carring all the difrent loads i have heard a rumour that it will be 20 Kg across the board. But those of us in the Inf have elected to stay with the 25 Kg.
  4. look you spunk trumpet, if you read my fookin post it said i've already done tacc! i've got the responsibility of training my officer cadets and i'd like to know the fitness standards to prepare them for that.
  5. So you're in charge of training, and you don't know the fitness standards, CFT loads and other information in order to train your troops. Nice one.

    If you've already done the course, then why ask what the fitness standards are on the course? Just train them to the course you did?!?!?

    In addition to this, you also do not know where to obtain this information from officially, and have to resort to using an army rumour service.

    Regardless of what the standards are at the Factory, just use your specific to arm weight. If you're not Inf or Combat Support, then its 15kg, if not, then you're carrying a bit more weight, so what? Train hard, fight easy?

    Its amazing at the state of some of the crap that being rolled out of the factory nowadays.
  6. Pick up phone. Ring TA Wing RMAS. Simple.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Passed this time last year and already in charge of training YOUR officer cadets! My, you are a flyer.

    Ask your Adjutant (he is the grown up captain in the office) and he will either have the accurate information, or if not will speak to the relevant person at RMAS.

    Much more traditional to get the information from the source rather that internet rumour and speculation.

    As for spunktrumpet? Obviously the standards were much lower on your course, particularly on the intellectual and manners issues.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Blimey, are they commissioning Northern oiks now?

    Anyway, I thought RTCs now handled all O/Cdts.

  9. Probably some jumped up little cunt with a Commission from the OTC that the ink is barely dry on.

    Either way, I have my suspicions that he was the course mong at his TACC. Anyone know him?

  10. You ask bone questions that you can get from official sources if you are in a position to get the information.

    You then abuse people who respond to the thread by pointing out you can get the info from official sources.

    I'd suggest you wind your neck in a little and think before you post.


    {thread locked by me to save you further embarresment}
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