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At the risk of starting the thrice-yearly 'anybody else going to RMAS' thread and being electronically strung up, here goes anyway!

Did the feedback from TACC061 ever make it from the London presentation night onto ARRSE, or does anyone who was there want to share anything?

The slides supported the informal (ie unscripted) verbal presentation and aren't particulary valuable without this.

I've copied in the contents of one slide, 10 top tips, plus the text of a handout giving some comments and guidance on the joining instruction kit list

1. Fitness - no excuses
2. Admin - sort it as soon as you are given it
3. Do as much beforehand as possible - ironing and boot polishing
4. Don't be jack - the DS are watching you and will notice. Followership as well as officership
5. Help weaker guys but NEVER take over - it is their opportunity to shine
6. Do volunteer
7. It is only three weeks enjoy it and give it MAX
8. You are better trained than other RTCs. Have confidence.
9. PRACTAC - Qu 1 & 2. Confidence on orders
10. TAMS not nirexes


1. Units are to ensure that cadets report with the correct items of clothing and equipment:
No 2 Dress Shirt * 2
No 2 Dress Tie * 1
Beret Blue c/w RMAS cap badge 1
[They will give you a badge if you don’t have one]
Combat 95 Trousers 3 prs
[Ideally 4 pairs]
Combat 95 Shirts 3
[Could probably get away with 2 – they did not have a problem with individual unit flashes on the sleeve]
Combat Jacket 1
[Ideally 2 – no smocks and no hoods]
Trousers L/W green * 2 prs
T-shirt green 2
[Definitely need 3-4 – Must be issue]
Jersey H/W green * 1
Socks issue 4 prs
[Must be issue]
Towel green 2
Fleece DPM 1
[Different DS will have different policies but on previous courses it was only issue warm kit allowed in the field – so fleece or woolly jumper!]
ECW, Vest & Leggings 1 set
[The long sleeve T-shirts are excellent if you are not allowed to wear Helly Hansens]
Insoles 2 prs
Boots Combat High * 2 prs (1 pr highly polished)
[You really need 3 pairs (dependent on whether you will be passing out in drill boots)
1 field pair, 1 classroom pair, 1 parade pair (bulled)]
Gloves Combat incl liners 1 pr
Shorts PT 1 pr
[Ideally issue shorts, otherwise plain navy blue]
Gym Shoes/Trainers 1 pr
Swimming Costume 1
[We didn’t do any swimming – however they need to be speedo equivalents - they sell them in the Camp shop if you do need them]
Tracksuit 1
[More for wearing in the accommodation than anything else]
Knife, Fork, Spoon 1 set
Cup Canteen 1
Helmet Mark VI 1
Waterproofs 1 set
Braces Trousers 1
Essential for Blues
Ear Defenders 1 set
2. The following additional clothing will be issued to all cadets on arrival:
Forage Cap c/w Sandhurst Cap Badge *
Webbing belt white *
Gloves white *

3. The following equipment will be issued to all cadets on arrival:
Web Eqpt
Bivi Bag
Sleeping Bag
Roll Mat
Mess Tins

[It is worth taking all of the above if you have them. Use your own in the field and keep theirs nice and clean – saves time on kit/room inspections and cleaning theirs at the end of the course. Yours is also likely to be more comfortable. You will use the issue sleeping bag.]

4. Civilian clothes should include:

Black Dinner Suite c/w white shirt and black cotton bow tie. (for commissioning dinner)
[We did it in Blues but they may revert back to black tie – the shirt must have a normal collar rather than winged and it must be a proper bow tie.]
Black polished leather shoes.
Lounge suit to wear during free evenings in the mess.
[For free evenings and all that free time that you don’t have.]
Sports jacket, shirts and trousers for casual wear.
[Ie if you escape for a night out in Guilford or Reading]


Ankle length evening dress with appropriate shoes. (for commissioning dinner)
[As above we wore blues but appropriate shoes apparently means toes covered. Equally shoulders and knees covered and hair tied back. A handbag is also recommended – don’t need anything too fancy dress wise.]
Dress to wear during free evenings in the mess
[Ie a Suit]
Jacket, blouse and skirts/trousers for casual wear
[Again for a night out]

5. A list of suggested items to be brought on the course is as follows:
Soap Powder
Steam Iron
[And Ironing Board as they don’t have any there. A steam generator iron apparently saves hours on the ironing board but I survived with a normal one]
Spare Boot and Shoe Laces (Black and Brown)
Coat Hangers x 6
Foot Powder
Yellow Dusters
Nylon Clothes Brush or equivalent
Polish (Kiwi Black and Dark Brown), Boot brushes
Trouser Braces
Washing and Shaving Kit
House Wife Sewing Kit
Preferably with a selection of right coloured cotton – no point sewing a button on t a brown shirt with green cotton!
Cord/String (Dark green - Gardeners type)
Bungies (Elasticated short ropes for securing equipment – black or green (4)
Thick plastic bags (Black - 2 or canoe bags)
Various plastic bags (Black - 6 for water-proofing)
Stationery – pens, pencils, rubbers etc. (to include chinagraph type or equivalent)
Notebook with plastic cover (replaceable pad)
Penknife attached to lanyard
Torch (pocket size and spare batteries preferably one which can be worn on the head.)
Model Kit (dressmaking tapes etc - for Orders)
Fablon and Map Case
[You will get at least 2 big maps which will need waterproofing (if you can get the maps from your unit before hand and fablon them up it might save time!)]
Sylvette Boot Cleaning Cloth [ – Essential]
First Aid Kit for blisters, headaches etc
[Additional Kit to consider taking
Blue Tack & Furniture Polish – for the Cap
Black elastic – to go along your webbing and on your Bergen pouches/daysack
Laminator – one step up from fablon!
Trouser Twists
Belts – Green x 2 one for your trousers and one for your smock – on the Navex we wore belt plus waterbottle pouch.
Canoe bags – they like to see everything individually waterproofed so the more the merrier
Ironing Board

Snacks & some bottles of Coke – food is excellent but

PRETTY MUCH ALL THE KIT IS AVAILABLE FROM THE CAMP SHOP WHICH YOU SHOULD HAVE A CHANCE TO GET TO. Food can be bought from the NAAFI and there is a large Tescos in Sandhurst itself.]

6. RMAS is unable to issue any clothing or equipment to cadets who fail to arrive with the correct scale.
7. It is recommended that OCdts take out personal kit insurance for the duration of the course at RMA Sandhurst.
8. Washing and drying facilities are very limited
[There are only about 3 washing machines so this becomes a headache on a large course]
Note: - Items which are starred * are to be in immaculate order and will be used for the final parade.
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