TACC 061

Following the discussion of "Blues; hot or snot?" (I paraphrase of course) I was wondering if everybody has got themselves sorted out for Saturday which will be the first course to wear them.

Are there any other arrsers joining in the fun and games for the coming three weeks?

Anyone else bricking it?
Yep, I can officially say that I am - bricking it that is!!!
My blues are with Kashkets due to some minor discussion about who tailors them for this course (what a surprise!). I hope they have made their way the Sandbags....better check that one!

I has to be said that all I want to do now is get there, I am glad that someone is feeling the same though....

See you there
Good luck, potential Ruperts.

Just some advice from my experiences on the TACC:

1. Try and enjoy it. Soak up the atmosphere and the history of the Academy.
2. Take some photos of everything you do, even if its with a disposable camera.
3. Don't get caught sleeping on stag.

Good luck to you all

Is this the first course that will see DETAPOs get their commissions?
I put my blues in to the tailor today, i swear they sent me trousers designed for someone with a waistline double mine! Lucky he's go until July to fix them.

Good luck guys (and girls!).
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