TACC 061 Lessons Learned Presentation

There will be a presentation by the London RTC-trained subalterns who were commissioned on TACC 061. The aim is to pass on the benefits of 20:20 hindsight to those preparing for TACC in 2006 or 2007.

It will explain the current program and highlight such relevant matters as:

How even a racing snake can lose a stone in three weeks
How to keep smiling when you've only slept for 40 minutes in the past four days
Nyrex - the way forward or tool of Satan?
PFT - is 9.30 the new 10.30?

It is open to anyone in the TA commissioning system:

TAPOs/OCdts including those on TAFS/Module 1.
ULOTC O/Cdts who are considering a TA commission.
Serving soldiers who are considering applying for a TA commission.
TA officers/Regular staff who would like to be kept up to speed.

It will be at Yeomanry House, Handel Street WC1 at 20.00 on Tuesday 13 June. Dress is C95 or lounge suit.

If you would like to attend but do not normally train with LDRTC/ULOTC, then please PM me for an invitation.
I'm sure all the new recruits will be thrilled to hear how much more difficult it was this year than in previous years, and how (in contradiction) there should have been more Fizz.

Sounds like a good idea all the same, although by the sounds of it the courses change from intake to intake.

The best advice is always the same though...

Take everything green you own (better to be looking at it than for it).
Buy more of everything so you have multiple sets of clean kit.
Make sure you can run under 10mins in your BPFA.
Always look keen, even when you are sh*tt*ng it.
Sleep is for the weak, and the RAF.
anychance of emailing me the powerpoint presentation?
HVM_Boy said:
anychance of emailing me the powerpoint presentation?
Only once the humour-police have checked it for mild exageration, unwanted irony and needless wit.
Callidus said:
Somebody let us know how to do this:

How to keep smiling when you've only slept for 40 minutes in the past four days
For those of us who can not make it. As I would love to know how... :evil:
The method is simple:

Step 1. Don't be the one fined three days pay when caught asleep on stag.
Step 2. Smile

If anyone else would like to come to the presentation, there are a few seats left. PM me for an invitation.
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