Tac Sat 510

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jack-daniels, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Spotter head on.
    Does anyone have a picture of said Tac Sat? Trying to explain to a bloke what they were and can't find a picture anywhere. They're not still restricted surely?
    Spotter head off
  2. Try searching for its correct name.
  3. I would if I knew it. Thats all we called it in 1989 as it was the only one about.
  4. hmm R AS AR.
  5. Looks different to the one we used. It was two black units which we connected together and had a parabolic antenna. Mind you it was over 20 years ago so it's probably long gone and a gucci mobile phone is now being used in its place!
    Cheers though.
  6. Who made it?

    I must admit it is not one that is immediatly jumping to mind.
  7. Ah, if my memory serves me correctly, the LST 5B radio then the one with the fuse on the front, the LST 5C.

    The other box was the Sunburst Processor crypto unit, connected to the radio by the X mode lead.

    The small antenna was the DMC 120 with gain of 9dB (?) with an additional 3dB gain for the little directers fixed onto the end which you could put a max of 3 on.

    Classic arrse moment is that a Corps picture has a geezer operating a set in Bosnia (?) but unfortunatly he had'nt fixed the directers correctly as they should all line up NOT 90 degrees out of phase. Naturally this would just cancel the gain of the first directer out!
  8. 90 degrees out of phase?
  9. Yep,
    Its all about the radiation helix that is transmitted to the satellite.
  10. Thats the fella! I know the two blokes on the picture as well. I've been informed also that it was probably made by Plessey.
  11. No worries mate No idea what the proper name was/is. Just knew it myself from around that time as tac sat. In the days before mobile phones etc it always seemed to me a fairly gucci bit of kit. Nearest I got was a 502 det!
  12. GW 1 264 deployed into Iraq with some American SF .

    Said US SF were trying to get comms in with their HQ over said Tac Sat. NO joy .

    264 bloke asked the operator 'Fred' what was wrong?

    Fred says "No Sky and no answer from HQ."

    OH OK , who is on the set at HQ...? "Should be Sam" says Fred

    264 walla looks around to see Sam himself trying to contact someone?

    Ambles over to ask , Who you trying to contact?

    " That ****** Fred back in HQ"

    Tis true Im afraid.