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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hedphelym, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. On a recent CCRF weekend, we were briefed on few things (mainly Herric 11) but what was also mentioned by the CO was the aim to install gyms in every TAC, and pay you to come in and use it - any day of the week.
    It was said this was being phased in as of now.

    Apologies if this has been brought up before, but as I've just slipped a disc in my back and been RTU'd from the current CIC with the potential of being out of training for up to 8 weeks (including physiotherapy) then it's something that would be really helpful when I start getting my fitness back up - Especially considering I can't afford a membership at any of the gyms in my area.

    So basically just wondering if anyone knows any more about this, or if your TAC is one of those which has one now.

  2. Don't hold your breath. I was told this in 1982, then was told that fitness was an individuals responsibility.

    Can you see individuals being paid to use their gym ? Anyone on holidays from work could kick the arrse out of it and get paid.
  3. haha, okay mate.
    It just came to mind as I started getting a bit worried about getting my fitness up in time for the next CIC thats all.
    The CO seemed pretty confident and definate about it at the time, but I'll take your experience over that.
  4. Although nice idea, its very impractical. Not every TAC has the space or can have one installed due to building limitations. I imagine that it'll be a feature of any new TACs built but I wouldn't count on it. You say you can't afford gym membership, have you tried your local council? They often run gyms that are far cheaper than the going commercial rate. Or if you live near a barracks you could try blagging the use of their gym. Don't know if they'd be happy to let a stab use a regular's gym, but it is supposed to be one army after all!
  5. 1/4 days pay - 5 days a week.

    If they ever did that I'd blow the dust off my green-kit!

    Naturally they won't though. As everyone would be thinking like me.

    My fcuking gym costs me £30 a month and its always heaving!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    My PSI has pulled his finger out and collect eqpt from all over to build an extremely impressive gym.

    The guys turn up about 6 on a drill night to use it.

  7. similar in my place but it was the SQMS who got it together. although if the boys come in at 6 and use it then i pay them a 1/2 day.
  8. my local council has recently started free gym membership :D , i've always enjoyed the gym and now it's free too!
  9. Pretty sure the Army policy doc on TA PT says bods should be paid for PT in there own time, at the TAC or not. Don't ask me for a copy just tell your PSAO I said it was alright.

    (The bit about the policy is true though)
  10. Some TACs that are close to regular barracks are able to use the gym there. Not heard about our lot being paid to use it though!
  11. I think this used to be the case but am fairly sure it isn't true anymore. Ask your PSAO.
  12. If you live / work near a Regular establishment with a gym, phone up the head Gym Queen, explain who you are and ask if you can use their facilities. You'll need an induction but after that you'll be able to use the gyms whenevr you want.
  13. "Honest sir, I did fifty hours of PT over the weekend! Can I have my wages now please sir?" :lol:
  14. I think it's down to your CO. I know some of my mates in other places get paid if they can prove they've done gym time (I think it varies - from memory, some get 1/4 for every X hours, some get a days pay for X hours etc). However, we don't. I use the (recently refurbished :D) gym in my TAC anyway, I turn up a few hours early on a drill night, and if I got paid to do it, or at least my travel covered, I'd go a lot more often too.
  15. We have a small but well equipped gym , We gat a quarter days pay for using it for two hours before drill night . The astonishing thing is that , as it's not thoroughly supervised it has become something of a social institution , rather than a beasting place , so its easy money . But it's still not well attended .
    Incidentally , we also get two days pay for passing PFT , ( up to twice a year ) , to " reflect the time and effort put in to keeping fit enough to pass the test " .

    Ludicrous and lucrative .