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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by op-ack, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. does anyone else find that ops are going downhill due to crewman 2000. Because every one is now streamed into targeting, strike or acs its hard to recruit for the tac group because once a gunner has completed his level 2 course it is hard for him to change trades. this means the ops have to have young gunners straight from training who are not suited to the job . You used to have to complete at least a few years on the gun line before being selected for the tac group

  2. In a word no.
    However recruting is slightly harder as it mainly now comes from within the unit.

    You must first understand OP-Ack, the OP's stream is Targeting. A recruit who has chosen an observer job via the careers office at present gains ACS L1 cse (Sigs)at RSA then moves to its chosen unit. If he / she fits the criteria then they can be put into the Tgt stream and complete at unit level a TGT L2 cse at the appropiate time of service.

    Problems however occur within TAC Groups because if you take a non TGT trained soldier in order to put them into the TGT stream you must ensure they have a minimum L1 in ACS if not its back to RSA then they must be loaded onto a Tgt cse. Its not that it cannot be done but it takes time.
    At present the old addage that you need to do time on the guns rings true, but if then if theres a possibility of them changing trades to TGT then they need the all important ACS qual prior to the Trade change. Then again you dont always know when you join 2 -3 years down the line you may want to go into the OP's. If every one ACS it would not be a problem. I for one am hoping Bowman helps out in this department.
  3. not a chance,,,,,,,,