Table top war gameing

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mr_Wimpy, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi,I've played CoD2 online and enjoyed it a lot.Infact i've fired my weapon more online than in unit recently. :oops: My main fortay is table top gameing with 28mm figs with DBA.Is thier anyone around in a club or know of any as i'm posted to Warminster in September and would like to continue playing.Thanks in advance...
  2. msr

    msr LE


  3. "Table top war gameing"

    Are you trying to tell us you like Warhammer?
  4. Closest you'll get - unless you upgrade by 2mm to 30mm Rarden and then BGTU/CATT is your friend in the Warminster area.

    Of course if you're really into table tops then go back to the good old 6' table - loads of those wherever you're posted.
  5. why would you play that ? only spotty glass wearing nerds that have never kissed a girl do that do you fall into that bracket

  6. Didn't you Mum conceive in an orgy at a convention?
  7. I remember a lad in my unit many moons ago who played this tabletop thingy. Every OC/CO inspection he'd set it up and the OC/CO would come in and discuss whatever battle he'd laid out, never once checked his room or kit.

  8. no in a swinger party
  9. Any tabletop naval wargamers out there?, I ask for a reason, not to extract urine.
  10. battleships lmao jk... wats the name of some tabletop wargames
  11. Not that one, the one that uses very small scale 'waterline' models.
  12. Err tabletop wargames divvy!

  13. Would some form of water tight rim (phnarr) be required around the table or do you use a paddling pool?

  14. Just use the bath like the rest of them naval types do....
  15. I was only joking about battleships!

    I was wondering what are the name of some good tabletop games???

    I know of Warhammer but that is to futuristic for my liking!