Table top war gameing

Hi,I've played CoD2 online and enjoyed it a lot.Infact i've fired my weapon more online than in unit recently. :oops: My main fortay is table top gameing with 28mm figs with DBA.Is thier anyone around in a club or know of any as i'm posted to Warminster in September and would like to continue playing.Thanks in advance...
msr said:

Closest you'll get - unless you upgrade by 2mm to 30mm Rarden and then BGTU/CATT is your friend in the Warminster area.

Of course if you're really into table tops then go back to the good old 6' table - loads of those wherever you're posted.
why would you play that ? only spotty glass wearing nerds that have never kissed a girl do that do you fall into that bracket
I remember a lad in my unit many moons ago who played this tabletop thingy. Every OC/CO inspection he'd set it up and the OC/CO would come in and discuss whatever battle he'd laid out, never once checked his room or kit.

The-Lord-Flasheart said:
still21inmymind said:
Any tabletop naval wargamers out there?, I ask for a reason, not to extract urine.

Would some form of water tight rim (phnarr) be required around the table or do you use a paddling pool?

Just use the bath like the rest of them naval types do....