Table of wire cross section areas for various Amps. 415V 3ph

Discussion in 'REME' started by EX_STAB, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Could anyone point me to a table for the above information?

    I need some help in selecting the appropriate wire to buy for a workshop and my electrician is away.

  2. If you're out and about try popping into a waterstones and looking at an IEE On Site Guide, I think it will have the info you require, failing that the NIC EIC website may have the relevant info.
  3. As a guide only. You should look up IEE wiring regulations.

    0.75mm - 8 amps
    1.0mm - 12 amps
    1.5mm - 15 amps
    2.5mm - 19 amps
    4.0mm - 26 amps
    6.0mm - 33 amps
    10.0mm - 45 amps
    16.0mm - 61 amps
    25.0mm -79 amps
    35.0mm - 98 amps
    50.0mm- 117 amps
    70.0mm - 148amps
  4. Thankyou! Are the IEE regs online?
  5. It's not as easy as that I'm afraid.

    You need to know maximum demand, distance to be run and a few other things I have completely forgotten. Im sure if you post on the Sapper Forum some clever Clrk of Wks (E) could help you out.

  6. Yes, voltage drop on distances in question is not going to be huge, max run is 10m.

    I have done all this before but it was years ago and I can't find the references.

    I have now found this:

    Which is useful.
  7. As you all know there are about 10 considerations;

    Max demand, proximity to other cables, environment, in a cable tray or out, distance, accessibility etc.

    Don't just guess or the H&S Nazis will fine you big style. Ask 3 Div Sig Regt.

  8. The table I linked gives the environmental considerations and voltage drops.
    Max demand is dictated by hte circuit breaker selected for the application as far as I can see.... :?
  9. (within the constraints of what teh circuit breaker will see in view of environmental considerations &c)