Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by royal_scot, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Hello could some of you give me some advice i am in second phase of my infantry training and i cant TAB for shit i am only 9 stone and i struggle with TABS could any one help me they have a gym there that i can use i just cant seem to keep up with the pace the PTI keeps. What sort of exersice could i do to help maybe build up my legs i have a CFT soon and i am really worried. thanks
  2. Plyometric legs - super lunges seem to be the business - jump from a left-leg forward lunge, straight into a right one. Bastardos and burpees work along a similar lines. Good luck - and remember how much of tabbing is down to a positive mental attitude.
  3. Being a shortarse I often have a problem with goig straight into a fast tab. Find a way of stretching your shin muscles (going down the front of your lower leg) and it tends you make the initial part of the tab a bit easier until your muscles warm up.

    Try - bending the ankle so your toes are pointing up- feel the shin muscle (is it called that?) tenseup and repeat it a few times.

    Another favourite of mine - squats are also good for strengthening the quads and other loadbearing bits of the legs.

    Ultimately - practice makes perfect.
  4. If the shins are burning at the start then leave your toes on the ground as long as you can with each stride to stretch the shins and that will loosen things off. Ensure you have downed a good amount of fluids b4 you go to bed the night b4 and in the morning of the tab. Don’t use trouser twists just loosely tie at the bottom and don’t over tighten your laces. Make sure your trousers waist is not to tight and undo zip to aid ventilation undo cuffs as well you will be surprise the difference these small things will make when put together. But being as small as you are you must get some weight on! Eat and eat and don’t stop until you are at a good weight for your height. As long as you are undergoing army training you wont get fat just build useable body mass try and stay away from the chocolate and eat more protein mega mass supplements might be worth while this is an addition to all your normal meals not as a substitute for one.

    As mentioned above positive mental attitude is probably the single most important factor. Remember it is only 2 hours at 4mph.

  5. Yeah good point Dave - remember doing my first tab at the Scot Div Depot in the late 80s and thought that the tighter the laces the more support I'd have. All I'll say is f***ing ouch!
  6. This might sound like a stupid/obvious question but is it mainly a case that the better your upper body strength is, including back muscles, the lighter the load on your legs making it that much easier if you're a bit of a short ar$e??
  7. Get your housekeeping right

    Make sure your bergan / webbing sit well together, load it up and get your mucker to adjust it so that it all sits right.

    Get a good pair of socks / sorbothane insoles.

    Eat a big carb based meal the night before, don't miss breakfast.

    For the exercise bit you should remember that strength and endurance are speed specific - The best exercise for tabbing is - Tabbing. There isn't much space in the Catterick programme for extra PT but if you talk to your Sect Comd he might be able to work someting out with the PTIs to get you some more tab time. Be careful training on your own - you could injure yourself....

    Good lad for asking.
  8. All good advice so far, but if you're on the wiry side (as am I) you might want to load up on protein too.
    I know it flys in the face of convention, but I perform much better if I've managed to get some extra greasy scoff down my neck in the morning.
  9. Ah yes it's not the protein (which is slow to breakdown) but the fat (which breaks down fast) that gives you the go.

    Your body will first go to the glycogen stored in your muscles (which you fill up with the carbs in the days before) to provide instant energy.

    It then goes onto other stores starting with dietary fat which is fast but quickly burned source of fuel (that's why you don't miss breakfast) before working through easily mobilised bodily fats to "harder" fats dipping inot breaking down bodily proteins on the way if you are in the dung.

    So you should be eating enough generally to build muscle for which you need a good balance of protein carb and fat and you should also eat tactically running into the event to make sure you are topped up with carbs in the days before to store up your glycogen and get some fat in you on the day to provide some go. Try not to change your diet suddenly as shitting yourself tabbing is a bad for your "best student" plans
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Bags of excellent advice here, you could also try popping the rifle's pistol grip in your belt to ensure the weight is more easily carried is about the only thing I can think to add.

    Oh, and 'a friend' once passed a very long walk in Wales with a lot of weight on his back with a pocket full of mini-mars and mini-marathons to pop in his mouth everytime he wanted the sugar kick - because of the speed thing you won't be chuffing them all down in 30 minutes, pop one in the gob, bite it in half, pop a half in each cheek, suck em and step where the bloke in front you just stepped etc.... At the very least the choccy will take your mind off the next X miles....

    And if you really can't run after basic, ensure you get to L/Cpl as fast as possible, you get an automatic 20% of ability (it comes from pride I think but I've never found the DS answerbook on that one).
  11. Cheers LB, that explains why my favoured venison, redcurrant and port sausages dont work, they are far too lean, but feed me half a dozen nasty cheap "caterers" bangers, and you wont see me for dust. :wink:
  12. Jelly babies mate, thats what you want on a long run/tab
  13. At risk of stating the bleeding obvious have you considered training at CFT distance with lighter loads and building the weight up gradually as your strength improves? There aren't any magic exercises that will get you there in a single session.

    And what height are you? 9 stone and 6' plus is a problem. But then so is 9 stone and 5' minus.
  14. Jelly babies are good as they are pure sugar and therefore go straight in, they can help to top you up but won't make up for a big "glycogen debt" if you haven't prepared well by eating in the days before your event.....

    Nutrition is important but you do need to increase your endurance by building muscle. Talk to your sect comd about getting some more phys in - beasting is your friend.
  15. I can just see the look on the pti's face when someone requests more phys !!