Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MickyD121, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi im joining the army next feb i been deferred for a year and been training like a mad man at the moment im running 10 miles once a week and tabbing with 20kg Bergan 16 miles in 3.30 hours and swimming one day a week also i do light weights the other 3 days with bodyweight excercises so i train 6 days a week dont no what to join yet im thinking paras is this giving me a good start for selection and basic?
  2. train as much as you can, the more you do before getting in the easier i will be, you can never be prepared enough!
  3. Pick a place with big hills. You can never do enough hills.
  4. Good advice but whatever you do don't over do it.

    Training should be progressive, gradually adding weight and increasing distance and make sure you have rest days to allow your body to recouperate.

    If you do injure yourself make sure it's rested properly before you start training again otherwise it may cause you problems for a long, long time and may even stop you from joining.
  5. The training in basic isnt even hard... just do enough fitness to run 1.5 miles etc... dont over do it!

  6. Yeah cheers for that....................MONG
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    20KG, thats, errm, 44 lbs. 16 miles is 23KM or so. 3.3 hours is erm, 3 hours 20 minutes roughly.

    So roughly you are covering 7km an hour for three hours with 44lbs on your back.

    It might just be me but that sounds excessive for basic infantry training.

    I'm no expert, someone else may comment but... Either slow down, or lose most of the weight, it will be damaging your back. As an earlier poster rightly said - DONT OVER DO IT - build up to that pre-going to your basic but don't build on it from now or keep doing it for months.

    And FFS, get some body mass on you, you'll need it for those cold nights, and the milling, if you go down that route.
  8. certainly sounds like your over doing it - this is exactly what my mate done prior to joining the army and a few weeks before he was due to go for selection he couldn't because of injury. people need to understand that you can "over do it" especially if you haven't done fitness before hand. I'm not ashamed to say I couldn't even run a mile once but through the training I have done with the army and myself in my spare-time I can easily run my 1.5 and pass my CFT's each year without killing me.

    Slowly and gradually work your way up - fitness comes in time.
  9. Feck me, i do weights four days a week and do a run once a week. Make sure you dont over do it fella, wait for the army to kill you.