Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. anyone got any tips to stop ya feet/shins getting battered??

    done a 5 mile 26lb+weapon last nite in 1hr and my feet are killing me now!

    is that zinc oxide stuff worth usin???
  2. Yes, it is. Zinx oxide can help prevent blisters, but make sure you put it on properly (don't forget to warm it with your hands too, then it sticks better.)

    As for your shins, try and make sure that the boots aren't laced too tightly at the top (obviously the lower half should be tight though!)

    It may help, it may not. Give it a go next time and see what you think.
  3. i'll give them a go cheers... does it matter what tape i use or would any be ok??? from boots or somethin?

    i've had my boots laced up tight to the top probably why my shins are hurting
  4. You may even be able to get it free at the med centre, if not Boots will do fine.

    It comes in different widths though, I'd go with the 50mm if I were you.
  5. Sorbathane insoles will take alot of the shock for your heels

    they are about £12 from Boots - but are worth it. Med Centre might give you them, but i would doubt it
  6. Line infantry recruits at catterick do NOT tab, Every time i get stitchep up to go out on the boredom of going so slow nearly kills me
  7. To tighten your boots, pull them up tight to the point you would with trainers, then lean forward fully from the ankle and do them up. That'll give you enough room. Hope that makes sense. It's important.

    Issue boots are fcuking horrible.
  8. try marino wool socks from the camp shop sennybridge for 9.99 there like the cream ones issued for iraq but better, so your feet dont sweat> go soft> blister. as for the shin thing try floding the top of your sock over your boot and dont tie your laces around the top of you works for me !!!!
  9. It all depends what's wrong with your feet. If it's blisters, zinc oxide will help. If they're bruised and sore, it won't because it doesn't have any padding to it so you'll need some insoles.

    I've got superfeet insoles, which I get on better with than, I do with the sorbathanes. It's just a matter of personal preference. And 1000-mile socks are great.

    For your shins, as well as the advice above do some calf stretches.
  10. A chiropodist tells me that the best thing you can do with your feet is to get into the habit of rubbing cream into the soles of your feet every night. What you desire for long tabs is supple and elastic skin and not hard and inflexible. This chap is a member of The Long Distance Walking Group and they really know how to tab. I suppose you could call them the Taliban of walkers! Of course well fitting and well laced boots are very important too.
  11. I agree on the laces not done up to tightly aspect however, I, as im sure most people do, get pain in my shins for the first few miles until im properly warmed up. Zinc oxide is good stuff if used properly, nothing worse than when it starts to roll up inside your sock because it hasn't been put on properly. Also when you get back in from a tab, warm down correctly, take on fluids and get air to your feet.
  12. I put E45 cream on my feet every night as recommended by my Chiropodist I also remove the hard skin. I walk the hills everyday as part of my Civvi job and suffer no problems. If your shins cause problems lay of the road work in boots, wear good well fitting trainers not fashion items, bought from a proper running shop, (they should check your gait etc and let you try running around in them outside the shop) not JJB sports. Boots and roads should be a once a month job, if your not used to them!
  13. I'm sure his PTIs will love him when he turns up for a CFT in his 'good, well fitting trainers'.

    The clue is in the thread title!
  14. Why haven't any of your training staff passed on advice / tricks of the trade etc?

    Are they RAF or civvies? :roll:
  15. Tartan, well done mate, but i'm offering general advice on looking after his feet. Remember that the play station generation don't remember DMS and putees, like us auld gits...............