Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by kentuk20, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Okay, first off let me explain that I was an ex reg that did 4 years, been out about a year now and needless to say I am not as fit as I was..
    Now something I always found hard in basic was tabbing, and I am now joining the TA Infantry.

    Generally TA training is done every other weekend giving you a lot of time to build up fitness, but this year we have the opportunity to get all our basic out the way on a 3 week camp.

    They have told us not to bother doing this unless we believe our fitness is good enough get us through it without the recovery 2 weeks be easy with a little commitment..but my problem is tabbing..
    To get myself to the required standard quickly I need to get out tabbing as it's my weakest area..I've loaded a rucksack with 55lbs (ish) worth of bricks and been out tabbing about 4/5 miles at a time the last 3 days..I'm getting blisters on my shoulders and feet which are to be expected, and my back is aching, but my main problem is i'm waking up a dull ache and stiffness in my knees.. my left knee has always been dodgy so I don't want to injure my it so I cant do basic, but i'm determined to get it strong enough to not worry about getting an injury.

    Sorry about the length of the post, any advice would be appreciated.
  2. You might find Glucosamine helps but, ideally, check with your GP. Sounds to me as if you're overdoing it a bit and not giving your body time to rest. Training everyday may do you more harm than good, as you are risking injury through fatigue as well as everything else. I would also try not to do too much roadwork as it impacts heavily on your knees and spine. Good luck.
  3. youve loaded yourself with 55lbs of bricks and go 'tabbing' 4 to 5 miles a day, straight away over the past 3 days..................... yeah right, mind you might explain your other posts
  4. Firstly; tabbing with dead weight is your problem. Build up to the CFT weight, rather than stack it on and hitting the hills. It'll mess your back and knees up. Hopefully you're not running with this weight, or you'll say 'cheerio' to your knees. Glucosamine is good, but it takes 3 months to take effect

    Secondly; give yourself a day recovery between exercise. You need to rest.

    Thirdly; don't sweat it, basic training is basic. Put in for it and get it out of the way.
  5. kentuk20..........Last November I started training at ITC Catterick, I finished phase 1, but decided the full time army wasn't for me. There were parts of the Army that I loved, and parts (IE the huge amounts of time away from home, for the next 4 (if I'd have only stayed 4) years, that I wasn't so keen on.
    So you werent in the army for 4 years, go away walt
  6. Have you gone straight onto the 55lb bergan and tabbing for long distances and duration or have you built up your strength and fitness through a structured programme which over time increases weight, speed, time and distance? If you haven't you'll cause yourself problems especially if you're 'new' to tabbing.

    Get a structured programme, get some good insoles for your boots (try Sorbothanes), run with no weight on grass (if you can't run 8+ miles you won't be able to tab 8 miles for your CFT), build in other types of low-impact exercise into your programme (swimming or cycling for instance), eat and rest properly and measure your progress accordingly.

    Unstructured over-exercising, as it appears you're doing here, will do you more harm than good.
  7. Gluck, it's 6 miles this year for TA.
  8. Apologies for fogetting which unit i'm in! :wink:

  9. My bold.

    Sounds like your talking bollox mate because according to one of your other posts you claimed to do phase 1 and then bin it? Or has phase 1 been extended since I last looked?

    Edited to add that my above statement was incorrect and I should maybe read more into things before spouting off. Apologies.

    Edited again to retract apology, you binned it and didn't do 4 years, make you mind up. :roll:
  10. Agree 100%. You don't need 55lb on your back to get fit!
  11. Sorry, the V's rather than the R's ;)
  12. Devilish, thank you, glad someone else saw kentuk20s posts
  13. No need to apologise - i'm a V too but of the R variety.
  14. Kentuk20 you walt, last year you did training, binned it, you cant do 4 years and be out a year, your also at uni, etc etc, walt cnut
  15. What, this post?.....:)