Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cheese, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Question froma TA bod looking to become a PTI.

    Yesterday i did 8 miles carrying 26 kg in 1 hr 59; a pass on pretty hilyl terrain. Howvere i wouldn't fancy doing this often on soemthign liek a PTI course. How do i get my TABBing better, ie how would i find it easier and feel better at the end. Any drills or training tips please? Cheers!
  2. Get fitter.
  3. get out and Tab more no simple answer
  4. Passes the IQ test for a PTI anyway.
  5. Cheeser, simple answer is , "get some time in, out in boots with a bergen on". You'll need to do short fast seshes with lighter weights and longer slower yomps with more weight. Also you need to vary the terrain, up, level and down.

    A word to the wise, buddy, you need to get the miles in, mate.
  6. There's one thing that Wales is good for: the world's largest outdoor gymnasium YouTube - ‪P.COMPANY CHANNEL 4 PART 5‬‏

    Go, there, do lots of stuff like that. No need to shout at yourself, but it might help.
  7. Could anybody advise on how best to carry the weight? I know its best to transfer the weight to the hips, but ive been told its best to carry the weight high up in a bergen and use the belt to transfer the weight. Surely loading up the webbing would be best?
  8. Put lots of heavy stuff in your bergan until it is at required weight, strap it on then one foot in front of the other. Be careful not to include any water in the weight.
  9. Sigh.... figure out what they make you do on the course, then do that. Carry the same bergan and kit that you will have to use on the course. If you train another way, you won't develop the right muscles etc.

    You ARE talking about becoming a PTI, who is supposed to be an expert in all this human performance mumbo jumbo, right?
  10. No that would be Cheese who started this topic not me.

    I am asking about how best to pack the weight as i have been told conflicting advice. Ive been told to pack it low and close to the hips yet ive also been told that is wrong and best to have it high near the shoulders.
  11. High.

    ten etc.