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Good morning Gentlemen,

I return to pick your brains after just finishing the junior term at RMAS. I've been informed by my CSgt that it wouldn't hurt at all to improve my ability to tab with weight on, as I lag behind the rest of my platoon in that respect.

I won't pretend to be a fitness God, as I am far from one, but my PFT is now 9:36. I've been advised to simply get out with a bergan on over the recess, and smash out a couple of 6 milers, with about 26kg on.

Unable as I was to draw out any more information from my CSgt about the subject, I turn to ARRSE for it!

Can anyone help me turn this advice into something resembling a proper training regime? It's only for the 2 weeks of recess, then I'm on AT and back to Sandybags.

As always, my greatest thanks to this section of Arrse, it's been a veritable goldmine throughout my experiences with the army.

OCdt A_M
I'm quite surprised that nobody has anything to suggest!

Oh well. My plan is to go out for a thrash every other day. If I'm incorrect, I'm sure someone will correct me.

Otherwise, thank you to everyone who read this.
Every other day is fine, with a gentle jog each day inbetween.

Make sure you stretch well before and after.

Try to stay off roads as much as possible to minimise shin splints.

If you are doing more than 15 min per mile on a flat route you should aim to lower this. If you have hills even better, push hard and you will feel the benefits in a few weeks. Its not necessarily the speed but the repetition of the exercise that will benefit you.

Use a camelbak in your daysack/bergan to keep yourself hydrated ideally. If not make sure you have an easily accessible waterbottle and drink a sip frequently. Carry a few handfuls of mixed nuts and raisins or similar.

Do 90 mins first week (approx 6 miles+) and 120 mins second week (8 miles+).

Note: This is a very basic buildup, and you really should be more than capable of doing all of these exercises. DONT RUN WITH THE WEIGHT - this is only a buildup to get your body adapted to carrying weight. If you run when you arent used to it you could experience injury which will then set you back.
You've done enough tabbing in juniors that you know the score, what more do you really need?

All I'd say would be make sure you warm up and warm down properly. Keep to a reasonable pace (about CFT pace or a little faster), vary the terrain, and for God's sake, make sure you don't injure yourself. Last thing you want is to start inters with an injury. To that end, I suggest that once every other day is a little too frequent, but it depends how well it works for you - if you feel that one day off is adequate, go for it. None of the above should be news to you.

Good luck on keeping up the motivation!

Oh, one other bit of beta - though you do tab in inters, a lot of the green PT is preparation for the ACFT, which is doubling with weight over 1.5 miles, 3 miles in training for it. I don't recommend thrashing yourself specifically for that (that will happen next term!) but it's something to bear in mind if you want to vary your routine a bit.

Get out and yomp in the hills. Depending on how fit you are now will determine how much extra work you put in. EOD with runs in between might be too much, but if you're already accustomed to that much work and your rest is spot on, it might not be an issue.

No harm in practising your nav while you're on it too!

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