Tabbing up Snowdon

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by swatrfc, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Im going up snowdon at the end of the week. Im planning on going up the Watkins Path and South Ridge anyone used this route with weight on there back. Thanks
  2. Yes. Civi hillwalkers, every weekend.
  3. Yes. A better option would be to do Crib Goch and go down the Watkins. As Crib Goch is a classic grade one scramble a 35-50L rucksack carrying the essentials would be appropriate.
  4. Pah even homosexuals do the horseshoe...
  5. Up PYG down watkins using the PYG hotel as a start finish point to avoid the car crash car park on the pass. should be able to do it with daysack in just under two hours.
  6. Go at night to avoid the queue's or use the Pig track v early. Also if you are a day walker get in early or you wont get parked.

    Or have a crack at TryFan which is nearby
    Tryfan The North Ridge Walk
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The use of prison slang has resulted in several bannings of late. Watch it.
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  8. I thought he was refering to some new manner of wilderness cruising and cottaging spot rather like Hampstead Heath.

    Used extra strong condoms and dead hamsters now to be found littering the mountain side.
  9. Or for a really good day out Up the Devils Kitchen, go around the left side of the lake, Turn left at the top, up the Glyders (Fawr & Fach) down the valley slightly then back up Tryfan a quick step between Adam & Eve then off down for a pie and a pint.
    If you’re feeling particular energetic turn right at the top of Devils kitchen and pop up Y Garn before doing the rest of the route. A thoroughly worthwhile day :)
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well you were wrong. The OP came here asking for honest advice about 'tabbing' up the biggest mountain in Wales. Because there is no advice about tabbing, or even walking or strolling up one of the most famous mountains in the whole UK on the internet.

    Instead of giving the poor boy some advice, you perverts make homosexual **** sex the focus of your sick attentions. You make me ******* puke

    *Edit* More heterosexual couples indulge in **** sex than homosexual couples. Fact. Think about THAT next time you are tabbing up Snowdon with the sweat trickling out of your arse crack to dribble down and cool your bollocks.
  11. Use the train ..cup of tea at the top and come down again ..sorted.
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  12. Has the bar closed?
  13. any trouble with parking (pen y pass is always full and chuffin' expensive) then use the sherpa bus, normally have an S and the number of the route, there is a car park about a mile before llanberis £4 for the day and the bus is a £1 if i go up the pyg and down the miners i use that car park.

    Sherpa Buses - Snowdonia Green Key

    this explains the buses and the green key car parks,

    and from memory last bit of watkins is scree and can be a man test
  14. nope and although expensive the local lager (1080, named after the height) is nice as is another local brew "dark side of the moose"
  15. Any beer will taste nice after the horseshoe gentle scramble.