Tabbing - struggling even though you are giving everything.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jonny36, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Been in this situation, finding it hard to stay with the pack?

    Best training methods to get your (37 year old body) up there? Other than just tab faster!
  2. Drink Magners the night before - works for me
  3. I find it hard to have a good slurp in the harbour area the night before the tab! lol
  4. If you are verticaly challenged this can happen, but the solution is the same for all- stop smoking, start training.
    Being small-ish and in my late 30's I find that instead of just going running I need to train with cft in mind, and I have no problems. As I am involved in recruit training I cft quite a bit anyhow and that counts as my training.
    If you dont get the chance to do that just go out walking at cft pace somewhere with hills.
    THe secret is- there is no secret. If you are really struggling I suggest go and see a doc or a pti for some sort of appraisal.
  5. Don't leave Savoys until 0530hrs! It's a winning formula.

    Failing that, lie on your stomach, and raise your chest up, in an arch, to stretch the top of your legs/hips, this will let your stride become longer/easier.
  6. Cheers - I think that is my only, bergan & hills. Just hard running is not doing the trick.
  7. Cheers - Smudge I will try that as well. Anything else?

    Anyone know where you can get an age reduction?
  8. Drink plenty of water the night before/ morning of tab to dilute the alcohol system.
  9. I am a shorty shortarse and had similar problems - the trick I found was to force yourself to place one foot directly in front of the other when pacing, which makes the legs take the strain instead of your whole body. OK, you tend to walk like one of those idiotic women on the catwalks, but the plus side is it can be a way of making new friends.....

    Don't try Yomping though - it's harder, faster and you carry more weight over a longer distance........

  10. Why don't you try one of these HERE :twisted: LOL
  11. Completely agree, waters the winner and eating loads. I wouldnt advise any sort of energy drinks or those stupid gels. They make you feel like 10 men for a while then you feel twice as bad as when you set off.

    As far as specific training goes I think you need to see what part of the tabbing it is you are struggling with (legs or lungs). Although I think hills is the best way to help long load marching or fast stuff!

  12. Plus you get grazes from dragging your knuckles along the ground
  13. Add 5-10 degrees to your forward stance from the hips. Beat the hill.

    (Chist, sounds like one of those grizzly AIs. Sorry.)
  14. What about taking myself and my bergan packed to 36lb to see a shrink?
  15. From what I've heard they've taken the CFT out of the new Psychiatry tests, so chances are your shrink wont have done one.

    T C