Tabbing in Wales

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Hugh_Jardon, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Going to stay with relatives in Wales week for a week on Thursday, wondering if anyone's got any suggestions for a good route to tab. I'm staying in the Newtown area, Powys. Cheers

  2. From what I remember of Newtown,just start gobbing off in the Flying Shuttle,
    not good for tabbing , but interval sprint training down the main road to escape.

    Long Mynd isn`t far from there, that can get cheeky if you use the valleys,also Rhyader (spellcheck) is close and that has some good routes around the reservoirs IIRC.
  3. S'alright, I'm a penguin picker-upper at London Zoo.
    When aircraft fly over the zoo, the penguins crane their necks, often falling over. I'm the bloke that gets employed to pick them up and put them back on their feet. Squaddie? Me? Naaaaah.
  4. ?????

    Cross posting
  5. Sorry, let me clarify- I've been warned off about letting on I'm in the Forces, I thought that was what you were alluding to with your 'gobbing off' bit. My mistake.

    Edited to add: Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  6. Double post due to server crash.
  7. No need to gob off about forces, from my experience of the Shuttle, just saying hello can provoke a strange reaction from people with only one set of grandparents and attitude problems.
    Not the most salubrious of hostelries.
  8. But is the beer cheap?
  9. Actually, I think it is
  10. I know its a bit further north but i have just come back from a week tabbing in mid wales. Cadir Idriss is pretty good coming in at 2900m and there are a few differnet routes up it. There are loads of other locations around the area.

    The best thing to do , which you proberly already have is get an os map and just have a look for possible routes.
  11. Mate if you drive grab yourself a map and get up to Brecon Beacons National Park loads of good routes up there,
    Pen y Fan, Fan Fawr, VW Valley, The Black Mountains aint too bad for tabbing over either!
    Just make the routes up as you go along, but the first 3 features i mentioned are always good for a crack or man test :D
  12. Elan valley is where you want to head for from Newtown or head into the hills around Llanidloes which is mext town south.

    Look for the wind farms. Good routes too