Tabbing for pre-phase one training?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by o0matt0o, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. I was told by a para on my 2nd fitness assessment that I should be running with weight/ tabbing to increase my fitness at ADSC and to ready me for phase one.
    Recently I've been running with 12lbs in a rucksack every other day (mon,wed,thurs,sat) just doing my usual 1.5 miles, I'm going to up it to 18lbs in three more runs. After that up the distance drastically.
    Is there actually any benefit to this exercise? Also how much weight should I be running with?
    I need to get my 1.5 mile time down more than I need endurance at the moment.
    Last timed run with the Army was 10.20 so a minute shaved of that would be great.
    Selection is rolling up quickly.
  2. Tabbing in training is more about fitness than being able to handle weight though determination plays its part the more unfit you are. Tabbing very long distances with very heavy weights is more about grit, determination and fitness.

    You hear more than a few blokes state I'm shit at running but good at tabbing which really means I'm unfit but can walk long distances with a heavy weight.

    Cardiovascular fitness is what you require not long slow endurance. Stick to getting as fit as possible without the weight.
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  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Kit Reviewer

    I agree, you need speed at this stage of the game. Nothing wrong with doing a bit of tabbing once a week if you're already used to it, but be wary of training yourself to run slowly before selection.
  4. careful with the tabbing, you dont want to smash your ankles and knees before you start, the other posters on this thread are right, get all round cardio training under your belt, when it comes to tabbing, if your head and heart are in it - your almost there.... as long as you have the basic fitness. The odd bergen run now and agin in the hills is good only to familiarise yourself with what it feels like so it dosent come as a shock.
  5. Just get generally fit all round and loose weight (if thats an issue for you) as necessary. Enjoy the training and try to mix it up a bit - bit of swimming, bit of gym, bit of walking, bit of running etc As previously mentioned get aerobically fit and build up general stamina. Go in there with a good all round general fitness and don't get too stressed about it....
  6. So it's doing more or less piss all for fitness?
    Well now I feel silly.
    I'll do this last run as i just loaded my bag with 18lbs and i'd feel lazy unloading it without running.
    I'll start running flat out with no weight again on sunday then, cheers for the replys.
    I thought it would do at least something for back and leg and shoulder muscle which could be beneficial to me as i'm a scrawny little ****
  7. WTF? Have you served? Really? Not just watched Blackhawk Down??
    To the OP run run and run some more. Variety of distances and terrain. Lose the Bergen.

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  8. Forget the tabbing just get running, fartlek, intervals, hill sprints etc and i would be trying to get your run 5 mile time to under 30 mins and as seeing your 1.5 mile time is 10:20 you have a lot of work to do. Also get doing lots of bodyweight exercises like press ups, pull ups, dips etc
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  9. Alright just did the last weighted run, will restart running all out with no weight again. I am curious to whether any improvements have come from the weighted training, even if it is just not being as fatigued at the end.
  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Kit Reviewer

    It's doing plenty for fitness, but at the moment it's the wrong sort. Get that minute or so off your 1.5 mile time and get through selection. Then, and only then, start looking at weight and distance with the emphasis still on distance first, weight second. The Army will add the weight, you need to pitch up with a body that's fit enough to adapt to the load.
  11. If you can only run a mile and half in 10:20 the fitness assessment can't be that hard if you "smashed everything"
  12. The smashing of the assessment was in comparison to the first one I did in November where I completely bombed. Dropped the cans and did a shite run.
    It was a massive improvement this time around.