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Anyone advise me on a pair of boots excellent for tabbing, especially if you've suffered from bad shins and stress fractures in the past. I've seen a few of the Lowas and Altbergs knocking around, anyone particuarly recommend any?
Altbergs are best really, Lowa's a bit chunky and heavy for hard core tabbing, still good field boots though.


IMHO the Altbergs are the way to go. I've got 2 pairs. Bought my fisrt pair in '96 in Richmond to do P Coy and they're still going strong - had them resoled last year for £30. What ever you do avoid hitech magnum.


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As a lifelong sufferer of shin-splints and dodgy knees– never quite find/make the time to rest them, 4 years ago I had Altberg make up a pair of modified Peacekeepers. Custom built around my orthotics; cordura rather than leather from the ankle upwards and slightly lower leg than patrol boots. They took just over a month to deliver and didn’t cost a penny over their list price. Fantastic value, wearing well definitely easy on the feet.


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As with everybody else so far, I'm an Altberg fan - my boots of choice being the Defender.

If you can get to the Factory - Richmond, N Yorks - they will take a mould of your feet and tailor-make them. You will shell out a fair amount for them, however, you are paying for a quality bit of equipment.
Luckily my choice of trade kept me away from tabbing but I chose Altbergs when I started long-distance hill walking as a civvy. Certainly get to the factory for personal fitting; their staff must have seen and rectified just about every defect in the legs and feet department.


I am very impressed by the Danner range - I currently own a pair of Danner Pronghorn GTX boots.

I have found Danners to be extremely lightweight and comfortable, just like wearing slippers. They require no wearing-in period.


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Depends how far/terrain really I suppose. My Lowas are fine for tabbing round Sennybridge since they're a bit more comfy/warm when 'off-roading' On the other hand, heard nothing but good things about Altbergs they'll probably be better for longer tabs or harder surfaces (summer/road). It's really a personal thing.
woody said:
Maroon_machine said:
if its a Tabbing boot you want this is the one for you i think. There are as good as they come in my oppinion.
Have you used these with a lot of weight ?Looking for a new set of boots
they look a bit light for heavy use to me.

Ive did many a tab in these mate carrying full kit there the dogs they really are. Lowas are big fat arsed heavy things and feel like your knobbing arround in concrete boots. if its ultimate comfort your after try GSG9 (Addidas) i woulnt recomend them for the field tho.


GSG9 boots well when I become fatter and slower than I am already and become stores wallah .Till then its altbergs for me ahh well proves some thing decent comes out of yorkshire after all :D cheers Maroon Machine.

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