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Yeah I know three miles isn't a real tab but i think my boots are a touch to tight and i only wore the issue socks, some others wore thin socks underneath and most guys still had some blisters. It's progressively making the feet better over time at tabbing but for now I was just looking some treatment for the blisters. :)
compede is fantastic for blisters and zinc oxide should be used to tape up hotspots prior to tabbing. I wouldn't recommend bursting the blisters as this could introduce infection.
When you've got blisters the size of the ball of your foot or your heel, then you need to worry. Keep yoour toenails nice and short as well, as a long nail rubbing the next toe can be painful over several miles.

Bergan burns can be bad as well. I once kidded a lass in a club back in Wolverhampton that we still had flogging in the British Army, like they did on the Sharpe's Rifles series. When I exposed the mess on my back, she almost believed it!


Honestly, just let your feet breathe. When you're at home, take your socks and shoes and let the air get to it, this will harden it up. When it comes to your TSC (B) just tape your feet up with zinc - just wrap it around your foot a couple of times, forget about compeed because it just comes off when your feet start sweating.

Where's your TSC (B) at? Grantham?


Yeah mate heading there on Friday. lol using compeed plasters right now and will use some zinc tape over bravo hopefully feet will harden up a bit in time and recover. A couple of guys in my unit have it worse than me, one guy's feet are in bits.
Compeed and many pairs of WOOL RICH cushion pile foot socks. Soften the boots up as much as you can. Give them a soak in some water, dry them slowly with newspaper or similar in them and apply nikwax or something of that nature.

Good luck with TSC (B)
oh, some sports footbeds for the boots will help a lot too. I even used the footbeds out of a pair of trainers at one point. Helped a lot.


cheers for the advice mate i changed the insoles already for a pair that cost about £7 but might invest in a gel pair also the wool rich socks sound good.
cheers for the advice mate i changed the insoles already for a pair that cost about £7 but might invest in a gel pair also the wool rich socks sound good.
HJ Hall's "Commando" (wince) brand are good and readily available. As soon as they lose their "springiness" set them aside for use in camp etc. and get some more. The importance of the wool element is that wool absorbs sweat from your feet naturally without smelling but more importantly means that you haven't got non absorbent plastic fibres rubbing on sodden feet. Cotton does not absorb anything like as much sweat as wool and soon gets sodden.
In 2000 I did a REME Junior Cadre in Kosovo (I'm RLC) which was ran by 3 Bn. I got fairly bad blisters due to an unexpected inter Section race which took place after a day's Nav Instruction in the hills. I was wearing jungle boots and my feet got mangled.

I was in severe danger of not making the final exercise and command tasks so the Senior Instructor (Royal Marines Sgt) advised me that if I let the Medic drain my blisters and then clean them with iodine then I might make it. Well,I didnt want to do a bullshitty RLC Junior Cadre in Bielefeld so I went for it.

The medic was kind enough to give me gas and air and by Christ did I need it!! The pain was burning hot and several other members of the course took gleeful pictures of the whole gory event.

PS I made it to the end and passed the course, the only RLC bod to do so, so all's well that ends well.




Along with layering 2" strips of elastoplast over your lumbar region and across shoulders, generally anywhere your backpack rubbed we layered elastoplast. Watch the tears flow when it came to ripping off said tape after 2 weeks. Words to the effect - the riper not ripee - "this is going to hurt you more than it hurts me."
Ah, Elastoplast. That stuff is truly white mans magic. Never had any issues from a pack. But then I probably didn't lug as much kit around either. Most would've been about 40kg all up in marching order.


the best place for info on fixing blisters is a ultra marathon website as those guys are experts. My take after having lots of blisters but never in DMS (god knows why as they were the shittiest boots I ever had) cover them with a none stick telfa pad, make a donut of foam around it and tape up with white tape. I also used Tinc of benzoin (friars balsam) but beware if the blister is open the pain will put you through the roof for about 30 sec. The tinc of benzoin is also good for keeping tape on. Also wear two pair of socks not cotton one thin and one thick. But it is a personal choice as some people prefer one thick pair. I have even heard of guys doing selection (you know where) with no socks on inside their boots.
I am a competitive figure skater have been for 15 years after hours in ice skating boots and years of blisters and needing to treat them quickly this is what I do;

Place a pin in boiling salt water, then retrieve pin from solution without burning your fingers! Pierce the blister and press out the liquid. DO NOT REMOVE the now dead looking skin, just press it flat, apply neat tcp to blister. Always works for me, by not tearing off the skin you keep the sensitive skin covered up, in 2/3 days the dead skin will fall off but the sensitive skin won't be sensitive anymore or probe to infection.
I'm sure if the OP had requested advice on triple saltos, sequined lycra and the overwhelming proportion of homosexual males associated with your sport you would indeed be a worthy contributer.

However, as you are as military inclined as an A4 hole punch, please plunge your sports footwear into an eye socket.
Compeed is good stuff, providing that you've actually finished. If you have to keep going, then eventually it wears down into little gel-like balls with the continued friction, which are then a pain in the arse themselves. It also gets expensive if you're going day-in/day-out.

You now know where you're prone to getting blisters. If you got them there before, you're probably going to get them again. In future, just tape those areas up with zinc oxide tape (learn to do it properly), splash a liberal amount of talc over the top of it all and crack on.
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