Tabbing blisters

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by titan, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys just finished TSC(A) today and after coming off exercise went straight into a tab and am now home with some pretty small but deep blisters on my heels. Any tips on treatment and/or future prevention? oh and TSC(B) is on Friday coming, so don't have long to get feet sorted.
  2. H3

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  3. You can get Compeade plasters and zinc oxide tape is a good as well.

  4. H3

    H3 LE

    Get your hands on some Iodine and then wipe it across the FRESH pink skin , you'll need to remove the broken skin first ..... It'll light up your day :0)
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  5. Don't try this at home kiddies:

    Syringe needle a few holes in the blister to drain the fluid.....then inject with Metho. Yum-oh did that not make my eyes water when a 100 years ago I was doing some silly 'stuff' around the Stirling Ranges.
  6. The search function will allow you hours of reading about your pus dripping trotters.
  7. Schaden

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    Get some cotton tennis socks, the kind with towelling on the inside and wear them under your normal socks. They help with friction and soak up any sweat. Secondly get a BIG roll of zinc oxide tape and tape everything in sight.

    Open any blisters and fill with tincture of methiolate - send wife and kids outside so they don't hear you screaming in pain.
  8. Tinc benzine was the fluid of choice in my day. I preferred prevention to cure, and used to vaseline my feet like a Tory MP's rent boy.
  9. Not benzine but tincture of benzoin
  10. Banned as carcinogenic
  11. I used to soak my feet in metho. Never even thought of your idea though. Bit harsh
  12. Along with layering 2" strips of elastoplast over your lumbar region and across shoulders, generally anywhere your backpack rubbed we layered elastoplast. Watch the tears flow when it came to ripping off said tape after 2 weeks. Words to the effect - the riper not ripee - "this is going to hurt you more than it hurts me."
  13. Wear two pairs of socks, and make sure your boots are a perfect fit (dont forget half sizes). As for "poking" blisters, I would say the "professional" advice is don't. Having said that, we've all done it, just make sure everything's clean and sterile.
  14. I cauterise them the same as I do cuts on hands,etc. Just rub some dry sandmix concrete powder into the raw bit. Hurts, but works wonders.
  15. Pop it then use a small dab of superglue. That's my trick.