Tabasco Recipes needed

Smoked Oysters + tobasco + fork = Good Eats.

I prefer Red Hot myself, less heat, more flavor.

You could try some wings. I'm in the US so excuse the US measurments (its the only way I know the recipe.

Hot Wings

1 lb Chicken Wings dredged in corn starch.

Bottle of Tobasco
1/4 Cup White Wine Vinegar
About 1/2 tsp each Powdered Garlic, Onion, ginger

1/2 to 1 lb *cold butter (depending on how hot or mild you like it)

Put the tobasco, vinegar, and spices into a saucepan and bring to boil. This mix will really clear any nasal passages!

Remove from the heat. Add the butter a few large chunks at a time while whisking. Add more butter for a milder flavor or less for hot.

Deep Fry the wings in hot oil until golden brown. Around 350-275 degrees F.

Remove excess oil from the chicken and place into a bowl. Pour the sauce over and mix until the wings are covered.

Celery and Blue Cheese Dressing are the customary accompaniments to this meal.
PassingBells said:

Add tomato juice, vodka and a splash of Worcester Sauce. Instant pick-me-up.
Heathen, you forgot the lemon juice and sherry.

Didn't The Grenadier teach you anything?

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