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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sockpuppet, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I passed the TAB a while ago and got a (eek) cat 2 for my sins.

    Anyhoo, is the delay you recieve (in my case 12) months mandatory? Some people seem to think it is, some dont. I plan to attend RMAS in Summer next year (no dates confirmed yet). Basically I got slated on fitness (which was a fair comment) but the fitness training is going alot better than expected so...

    What I am looking on doing is reducing the delay if possible to 10 months which (assuming TAMB pass) allows me to fit in a module 3 (its in april sometime) then hit Sandhurst in the summer months.

    I understand the reason for the delays - but I am getting conflicting views on if these are mandatory or suggested. I'm ovbiously not going to rock up next week on a 2/12 but reducing it by 2 months so that I fit it around mod 3 & RMAS would be nice.

    Cheers for the replies.
  2. Does your bde insist on main board pass before mod 3? One of my soldiers who is also now a PO was allowed to do mod 3 before going to tamb, as were other POs in the regiment. Some of these had not got cat 1s at briefing. Check this out. Your training team (presuming they are not setting out to deliberately Fllk you off) should understand the pressures of dates. Also, mod 3 will give you an opportunity to prove your fitness prior to main board.
  3. You can go to westbury before the 2-12 date but you must have a letter of support requesting this from your chain of command.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.

    The bde training wing does require a TAMB pass before module 3. I was on my brief with lots of OTC who did MTQ 3 (mod 3 OTC equivalent) before brief/main board which is why I was wondering how to do it.

    My main concern now is to get off the PO training. I've been a TA bod for 4 years (3 as a tom, 1 as po) and I just want to either go back to earning stripes or go to earning pips not in the limbo that PO'ness is.

    I'll ask the chain of command about the letter of recommendation - to be fair if I achieve the fitness levels required by Christmas (the aim as I'm currently beasting myself everyday) I can't see a reason why I could not attend before 2-12 as the only thing I failed on was fitness all the other aspects of "me" westbury were happy with.
  5. which brigade? There is meant to be an inherent common sense factor build into the new system, given the requirements are quite tight. Ask your unit to book you onto a different mod 3 course. Explain your concerns to your brigade, AGAIN, if necessary. Mod 3 is a belting course (if you get on a good one) and is very good at building up command, which is obviously useful for main board. Being the perennial PO is sh1te, don't let the system (or those who choose to implement it in a certain way) stifle you.
  6. If you choose to follow that route make sure your Admin WO for your TAPO training is in the loop as they are the ones who should book you on these courses.
  7. Clearly, my point was if they turn round and say 'we will not put you on this course', but keep it an all-informed net. My point being is that it is possible to do mod 3 without tamb, so don't let a part of the system stop you, without becoming targetted as bolshie obviously.
  8. Also, I would suggest it looks far better going away to tamb after 12 months saying, 'I have sorted myself and here is proof (mod 3- hopefully)' than after 8/10 months with a sort of inverse biff chit, as that would surely increase focus on one?
  9. I'll ask. To be honest I cant really see me doing one before January (fitness wise). I was a OTC bloke for 3 years so section / platoon attacks and orders come quite easily I just need to build up the fitness levels to a level where I can p*ss it and shine. All I wanted to know was about MB really. At the very least it would show the unit I am making some headway if I get the white stipe...regardless of Mod3. I'll speak to the bde about doing mod 3 earlier and if nessecary sneak onto a mod3 before MB as my adj is very keen for me to get a pip as the lowest officer rank in our unit is Captain :oops:

    once again cheers for the replies.
  10. You were in an OTC for three years and a TA unit for a year. You attended Westbury but (eek) were so unfit at TAB, which is only an assessment of potential, that you were graded as unsuitable to return for a YEAR. And now you are going to p*ss it?

    There are two full-time admin staff at Westbury who check admin points such as eligibility to attend.

    I suggest that you ask for further advice from your RTC's Officer Training Wing OC. Someone with a 2/12 usually needs more guidance than "sort out your fizz".

    Although I do seem to recall advising some people to lose 30lbs before TAMB....