TA100 Marathon

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wingletang, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Sitting here recovering from doing the London Marathon yesterday - I completed it in 4.18 which whilst not likely to get me a place at Beijing, is at least a 'finish' and I'm not getting any younger - I'm thinking to myself, we could have done a TA100 team event.

    Did I pass any other TA on the course?
  2. Wingletang,

    Firstly, congratulations on completing the marathon. And if we had thought ahead and entered a TA100 team, at least this event was on a bloody weekend!

    Congrats again,

  3. Well done, there were a couple from my unit who went, not sure how they got on yet..
  4. You were quicker than me, so you almost must have passed me!

    I was one of two from my unit who entered.
  5. were they in uniform ?

    There were a few in pyjamas, although they seemed to be running alongside the Masai warriors.
  6. Did it last year, Nearly killed me. May never ever do it again. Why?
  7. afraid I passed you (4.04). Was doing it for a civvie charity.

    first, last and only marathon for me!
  8. Well done PE - you need to get a hobby with a time like that!!

    You see, if we'd had a 100 TA doing the Marathon, it would have been a great way to launch TA 100. Where were the other 97?
  9. Didn't pass me.....

    I did it in 4:14 :) Well done though ....

    Doing another one in 2 weeks.....
  10. It's about time they changed to metric on the Marathon, 26Km would be a lot easier! :D
  11. Um don't you mean 42KM?

    T C
  12. Duck!