TA100: Carlsberg dont make admin vortexs, but if they did!

Right, whats the score with this?

The garden party:

CS95/2's/Blues? Regimental Transport or make own way there? Paid for as a days training?

If anyone has any answers to these questions, then ffs post them here! Apart from the transport one, thats just a personal bugbear! Any other burning questions, lets use this as the TA100 FAQ, seeing as the rest is all up in the air. Any ideas when the invitations go out?

Boney2728 said:
Dress info should come with invitation .
Get train and stay in Union Jack club for the night.
along with 5,000 others (!?)

it's a shambles....but why are we surprised.

Just wait for the Pageant!
Boney 2728, nice to see you up and around and contributing. It is not a cok-up, it is organized by the Ta....... oops, yes its a cok-up
I've been to a garden party. I wore No 2's. I had to make my own way there, couldnt claim for fuel, and if i'd stayed in London i was informed i couldnt claim the hotel. I didnt begrudge any of it. The day is fantastic and i'm not sure what the problem is, someones simply asking you to sort out your admin.

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