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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by extrader, Apr 2, 2005.

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  1. TA X Country Championships at Swinnerton 23 Apr (orienteeering 24 apr) Email me for contact details of the organiser if u want to compete.
  2. are details being sent to units? cos i might be interested in that!
  3. Um the best thing to do is look at the web site www.tasport.mod.uk then go to contact details which give Julian L's details, the X country rep. Call him and he will 'fill you in', a very helpful geezer. The instruction is yet to come out but basically turn up friday night sat morning (you can register on the day) for a time to set off 1100-1300 (tbc). 6 man team with 4 to count same for the women.

    A letter has just come out asking the TA to support events. I think that the web site will be the way ahead because the army system is all to c*ck, with so many all stations calls for JSMELs truck drivers SSIs health and safety irrelevancies that the instructions get lost in the pile.

    Hope to see u there mega spooner (individuals can compete as well as teams)