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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stoatstrangler, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Apologies if this seems bone but here I go...

    I work for a large multinational company and in the current threat climate (i.e. global terrorism) they've recently started practicing bomb scare evacuation drills in addition to fire drills. As a first aider at work I'm expected to and I expect to be part of the procedures and drills for bomb scare evacuation in a first aid capacity. However, my line manager believes that as part of the TA I have another role to play assisting in some extra capacity.

    Now I'm just an ordinary bod, i'm not EOD and I'm not in the CCRF and quite frankly if I am involved i'd rather just being doing my first aid bit. One of my colleagues in a different department is a special constable and he's been told that should it happen then they expect him to step up to the plate and start marshalling people etc. My line manager has said he expects me to do something similiar with my 'army' training but like I said i'm not EOD ninja. His reaction was 'why do we let you have time off then?'

    So, does my line manager have a point? Or am I better sticking with what I know and concentrating on the first aid?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go back and ask for clarification. Does your manager want you to do the Fire Marshall course too?

  3. No he doesn't he just wants me to do 'army stuff'??? I'm sure most would agree with me when I say i'd rather I didn't have to bring anything from the TA (unless I was EOD or CMT) to help with bomb scare procedures as it makes you look like a proper wannabe, 'in the TA we do it like this don't you know...'
  4. Offer yourself as a consultant, then present him with your invoice...
  5. But don't you think with your mil training you stand more chance of knowing what to do when a "device" is discovered ...the 4 c's for example. They have given you a golden opportunity here to put your TA training in a good light, just in the same way you may expect someone in the St Johns Ambulance to step up to the mark
  6. He's right you know. Cut the red wire. Its always the red one.
  7. Take some mine tape into office explain cordon procedure till he goes away or falls asleep . Civvies seem either to see ta as half wits or trained killing machines .And disaster planning seems to bring bizarre ideas out
    of the most normal manager .
    Or B ask him what "Army stuff" he wants you to do ? Defuse bomb ,or lead
    Human resources in a banzai charge at likely suspects ?
  8. Your chance to shine - tell him you should have a rehearsal, as they do with fire drills. You step in with your mine tape etc. Will be sympathetic to time off :)
  9. Offer me as a consultant and then I can present him with my invoice ...
  10. Sounds like your Executives need a visit from a company that specialises in giving Counter Terrorism advice to big multi-nationals etc. It might cost them money but at least they'll have the right information on which to write Policies & Procedures and, they may be eligible for discount on the insurance. PM for some details if you wish to pursue further.
  11. depends on how you want to play it. you could point out that any military courses (other than approved ones) are not valid in civilian life and if anything happened they could be sued.

    ...or ask him what he specifically wants you to do and if it seems reasonable then i don't see a problem. "army stuff" isn't really specific enough. having said that as a first aider you should be free to carry that out and not be hindered with other tasks.

    hope that answers your question.

  12. .. or contact your local police or 11 Reg Det and get it for free... :roll:
    (don'tja just love contractors tin rattling...)

    There is a bit of a fine line here...

    Yes - I think it would do yourself and the TA no harm to show willing?

    Understand that it's not your boss's problem he does not understand how the Army/TA works.. you need to educate him, but try to be positive..

    Yes, you are quite right not to get directly involved in EOD activity, however there is an opportunity to demonstrate you leadership and command skills by pointing your boss in the right direction and offering assitance in setting up procedures and in exercises..

    Have you spoken to your unit about Employer's briefings or "Executive Stress" - these are official activities designed to get employers on side.. SABRE is also worth looking at..

    ... your best role is as a conduit between the the TA and your employer if you don't particularly want ot get involved yourself..
  13. I spoke to my boss this morning told him that as I have no recognised formal training in that area i'd be a liability and have pointed him in the direction of the Police for advice. Cheers for all your replies, much appreciated.
  15. Mornin' RM...

    Just making sure our taxpayers are getting the right level of service....!

    ... whilst giving yourself and Sir B-D every opportunity to apply your state funded training for commercial gain!

    ..climbs down from moral high ground... :D