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Purely out of curiosity...

How much time do you spend, on average, doing TA work each day?

Obviously it varies, but I'd say that as a Troop Leader I probably average half an hour every day on niff naff and trivia - nothing special, just keeping paperwork up to date, answering emails etc. The remainder - putting together troop emails and aide-memoires etc - probably around 2 hours a week.

Is this normal, reasonable and sustainable?

I wouldn't say it makes me much worse at my normal job, but I suspect having other things in the back of my mind does dull my enthusiasm for it - after all we only have a certain amount, and if you're putting it into organising interesting, demanding, exciting and appropriate training then your work will suffer.

Given that I only have eleven blokes and three landrovers to look after, the SSM and OC must be distracted a good deal more. My father was an Infantry OC back in the Good Old Days and guesses he did an hour a day then - I suspect that email has increased burden since then.

Anyway - how long do you spend nervously looking over your shoulder and scuttling to the printer? (I always knew the monkey run, combining speed and a low profile would come in handy one day :D )
As a troop leader, I was probably averaging an hour a day. At my old firm's charge-out rate for me, that was £1,500 worth of work per week for two years. I shall advise them to bill the MoD for £81,000 forthwith.
I'm about the same, 30 mins to 1 hr a day. Phone calls to permanent staff, paperwork etc. Things which generally just can't be done on a Tuesday night.

I'm still at university so not much of a problem. Won't be long until it is though...
Depends on role and time in training year. Can do 1-2 hours a day or 1-2 hours a week. I keep forgetting to put in for MTD's so I guess the MoD get quite a bit out of us for free.
Am trying to pad that bill out a bit. Can we add phys as well? I'm sure if my former employers could score £200k out of the MoD they'd have me back.
Just for a change, I took some work into the TA recently...

msr said:
Just for a change, I took some work into the TA recently...

Yep, been there too. Training finished, every other bugger down the mess. Me, stuck on laptop finishing reports for Monday AM..... :(

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