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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. looking at the past posts the TA might seem a real let down. Pay, late bounnties, no pensions, training problems, buggerance factor, civvi jobs the list is sometimes endless.

    But something keeps us in and I just wondered what other people think it is. I once spent a year out of the TA and hated it, being in the TA gives many things quite apart from the pay and bounty (important though they are).

    For my part being in the TA gives a sense of purpose and focus different to every day civvi life. I enjoy the training, like most of the people and positively look forward to going. When you see faces you have not seen in a while it makes it all the more worthwhile.

    So all those nasty bits aside, what keeps you in?


  2. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps it is a mis-guided sense that I will actually miss it if I left.

  3. Good question!!! Habit, money, mates and sometimes even enjoy it!!! After being strapped to the desk all week it makes a welcome change!
  4. The fact that it can only improve,and that you want to be there when it does,or be part of it.
  5. The job I'm doing now with the TA, genuine job satisfaction, being with likeminded individuals.

    Things that go bang.

    Cheap alcohol.
  6. Comradeship, and doing something worthwile that is outwith the ken of most of the population.

    Oh, and the beer is cheap! :thumleft: :king:
  7. where else can you play with big boys toys , things that go bang ( or if R.E. BIG bangs ) and cheap beer ! Well for us in the T.A. in Germany it is , Ha Ha
  8. Because, despite the efforts of scores of Regular Officers and Soldiers, we feel that we (the TA) actually make a difference. In the current climate we are proving this but, the fact that we can do our jobs, step aside at weekends/camp/FTRS/Ops and do theirs as well, makes us special in Civvy street. To the Yanks the Guard are 'twice the citizen', so are we, that's why we do it, and the beer's cheap!!!!!!!!!!
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The money and the chance of a tour in Afghanistan.
  10. Joined it, loved it, left.

    Missed it, joined again, loved it.

    Left it, cant re-join, still miss it.....

    Nothing like it.
  11. I think it's the almost hotel-like quality of the accommodation and the breakfasts when I go away. What sort of fool pays for a weekend break when HMG will pay ME to go in stay for the weekend and wake up to a breakfast of the finest coffee, fresh fruit, pastries, organic home-made mueslis, 100% meat sausages etc, all served at an agreeable hour that allows me a good lie-in from my week time routine?

    There's that, and the high daily rates of pay that fairly represent the time put in, the same benefits as the regular army, the way in which the Army recognises that if it uses my civilian skills it should accord me an appropriate position, and the absolutely fascinating time we have on camp, into which a huge amount of effort and imagination has clearly gone. And promotion is always timely.

    That coupled with the way that the government has kept the regular Army big enough to cope with routine operations and uses us intelligently for our specialist skills and more widely in times of national crisis makes it an absolute no-brainer as far as I am concerned.
  12. I dont know which unit you belong to but I wish I were there as well!

  13. Its better than spending your Sunday afternoon watching fcuking Swan Lake.
  14. Someone asked me this at a christmas bash this year.

    My reply was that I'm still in becuase of my mates
  15. The opportunity to serve (it's the cornerstone of modern citizenship). Plus the people I train with in my unit.

    Inexpensive booze