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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Secret-Squirrel, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am currently a 1st year University student, having done a SSLC, and got an Army Bursary. In order to get my bursary, I either have to join OTC or TA. I am currently in the OTC, however I am finding it rather gash as I sit round instructing really menial stuff, or worse, doing nothing at all, we don't have any decent exercises, so on and so forth... basically I am finding it a waste of my time.

    Now I know that I can swap over to the TA without too much of a drama, however, does anyone know what the chances of call up are, whilst a student, obviously there is a higher call up risk than OTC by some margin!

    Whilst I am not unwilling to deploy, I would not exactly be delighted if I got called up and then have to resit a year at uni due to being called up 3 weeks before exams, or that sort of thing. (Is it possible f.i. to request that a deployment be delayed by a month or two in these sorts of circumstances?)

    And finally, knowing relativley little of what the TA have been doing on TELIC and so on, what typically might a deployed TA Inf subbie be up to in Iraq? 18 hours a day watchkeeping or something? :roll:

    Many thanks

  2. As a student in full time education in the TA, you have an automatic right to have any mobilisation deferred or cancelled.

    As an infantry subbie, if you go out with your own unit you could be doing an infantry subbies job - leading your troops on the ground - or you could be stagging on the front gate of Shaibah. Depends a lot on how your troops perform. Currently, the ARF is being provided by a TA Inf company, so there are some warry roles out there!

    If you go under an individual mobilisation, you're far more likely to be watchkeeping.
  3. Jesus man, think what you're saying.

    Stay in the OTC. Rack up a few hotties. Join the TA later.
  4. Im a student in the TA

    I get a lot more money than OTC, and from talking to them we get the better excercise and expirience

    Weigh that against better adventure training in the OTC, birds (but theres plenty of them at uni anyway), and the fact that you are more likley to get fucked about in TA (unless you are a hoffica)
  5. Gah!

    As a GYC 2Lt, you're picking up a very amenable wage for doing very little of consequence. This has got to be better than getting, as Zulus
    said, fcuked around in the TA.

    If you're bored, it's probably your fault - throw yourself into Adv Trg or something,
    people are always gagging for guys who know their way around the system
    to sort some good craic out for the guys...

    Sort out an attachment to the Field Army if you must satiate your need for
    more than 10 rds per exercise - get it out of your system, and get back in the

    Enjoy it while it lasts, milk the system, and then pay your dues later on, while
    looking wistfully back on your OTC days as a perpetual roundabout of shagging.
    drinking, shagging, drinking...ooh, exercis...fcuk it....shagging etc etc

    For the love of God don't become one of those chippy TA student types who denigrate the
    OTC while secretly hating the fact that they're not in it.

    (Zulus - by no means tarring you with that brush, but they are out there!)
  6. Ive been in TA since lower 6th form and I get enough shagging done without the help of the OTC. my nice big bounty goes a long way in the dam ;)
  7. All my (old) uni OTC mates were boozing and looking forward to another weekend in Pirbright on £20 a day, whilst we were prepping our kit for 2 weeks field firing in Romania on £40 a day and slashing our £500 bounty up the wall. Ok, they might have been in the orifices mess, but I learnt a damn sight more about soldiering.

    Regardless of the boozing etc, think of the skills set. When you do get commissioned, you won't be viewed by the SNCOs and JNCOs as just another OTC punter to break in.

    You won't get called up.
  8. S_S

    If you're in London, try the HAC.

    Athough not Infantry, the basic training lasts a year - keeping you in UK. You will also see life from the other side of the track. Nor will it look bad on your CV.

    TA over OTC?, bounty is definitely a plus.

    A word of warning, a comrade in arms had all sorts of foul-ups on the admin front when moving between the two. That was with early Pamparrse, and things 'admin' and IT are sooo much better nowadays.

    Good luck in whatever you plump for.
  9. I've just finished my degree up North and have been in the TA for 3 years - up here we have a scheem called the TA Sponsored Officers scheem (TASO) whereby you join your local TA unit and are paid by them but train with the OTC under your parent units Cap badge, all your pay uniform kit etc comes from your local unit which means you get proper TA pay (which is initailly less than OTC, the full TA bounty and all the training oppertunities that other TA soldiers get - for me it basically ment i could train twice a week and also do more weekends - which kept me in beer and tabs for 3 years, once you've finished MTQ 2 via OTC training scheem your then eligible for TACB and TA commisioning course at Sandhurst
  10. Obviously not an English degree... or just one too many beers?? :lol: :lol: :lol: 8O

    (I won't highlight the punctuation :twisted: xxx)
  11. 'Snot what they said on my thread.
  12. Well, there are something like 3 or 4 reasons under which you can appeal to have your compulsory call-out revoked.

    (Only) one of these relates to education. The wording is something like "undergoing a course of education or training intended to prepare you for a vocation or career".

    Interpreting this literally, perhaps this means that subjects like Nursing, Medicine or Engineering might get you off but that something like History wouldn't?
  13. Snuday nite beres im ofrayed
  14. Squirrel,

    It is possible to do both. The TASO scheme doesn't really apply to you because your already commissioned but if you talk nicely to your local TA inf unit they'll probably let you tranfer into them while keeping working at the OTC... everyone needs subbies. It helps if your the same cap badge as the adj. :wink:

    However be aware the TA inf is not the regulars, with the possible exception of Annual Camp, TA weekends can be described along the lines of aggressive camping... the lads have full time jobs so 48 hours with minimal sleep isn't really feasible. If your OTC's up to much there should be opportunities to play war occasionally and with fully manned platoons.

    If you want any specific advice PM me.
  15. I think you will find that depends on your CO mate

    The last few weekends I've done I have gotten between 2 and 8 hours doss, the rest of the time wasnt monging about, it was spent doing advance to contacts, ctrs etc

    There's a few ex-regs in my platoon who say our weekends under the new CO are just like the excercises they did in the regs, so to tar all TA inf units with the same brush is a bit unfair