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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by PeterH93, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. Alright Lads,

    I'm Peter and I'm currently studying at Leeds Met uni, whilst I was 16/17 I aspired to be a Royal Marine, however, my parents were against the thought of signing the forms for me.
    Now that I am 18, I can legally sign the forms myself in order to join, however, as I am only doing an HND course I will be back in Newcastle in 18 months time. Therefore, I do not see why there is any point in me joining the Marines until after I finish university as I will be 3/4 of my way through training before leaving.

    Instead I am looking at joining a TA unit for the 18 months that I have left, living near Carlton Barracks I seem to recall seeing Royal Signals & Royal Artillery both being based here. I also know there is 4 YORKS located near me aswell, basically I am writing to ask what would people recommend that I did, join the RMR and do 18 month training, or spend 18 months with either of the Squadrons that I've mentioned?
  2. RMR for 18 months would be pointless - you'd barely manage to get your lid in that amount of time and transfers to regular RM are becoming increasingly less frequent I understand. Best not to run that risk, get some experience in the TA if that's what you really wanted to do with that time, then join RM proper when you're done.
  3. Any recommendation on TA unit out of the three that I mentioned?
    4 YORKS
    49 Signal Squadron
    269 Royal Artillery
  4. 49 Signal Sqn is now part of 38 Signals regiment, they still parade at Carlton Barracks in Leeds on a tuesday night between 1930 and 2130.

    They currently have no restrictions on the amount of training days you can do, nip round tonight or give them a bell.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    None of the units mentioned will do much towards developing you physically for service in the Royal Marines. You could go for RMR or 4 Para and really build up your physical state ready for your regular application, with the fall back position of a good, demanding unit in case your application does not go as smoothly as you hoped for. Neither of them will mind if you leave to go regular before or soon after finishing the training.

    The other option is to sack it all off, get on the lash and shag students until your course is over then work hard on your phys safe in the knowledge that you got the most out of being at university.
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  6. Thanks for the advice guys..
    Whilst looking on the internet I can't seem to find any infantry specific squadrons in the Leeds area
    Does anyone know of any?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Of course, the "running club with rifles" has an outstation of C Coy at Hebburn, which i am reliably informed is somewhere near Newcastle, so holidays are no problem!
  9. Yeah, they're located at Hebburn which is about 20 minutes away from mine. Just looked at Pudsey is about 10 miles away from mine, which would be a problem..

    How many months training roughly is it for the Paras?
  10. The only real problem will be the summer, my rent finishes on the 7th July and I can't move in anywhere until 31st July so hopefully they'll understand
  11. Other option is to do your phyz while at uni and join a corp for some 'skills'
    217 Transport sqn RLC(V) are recruiting into all trades. Get a wagon license out of that mob. Something to add to your application for the royals.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You should expect 4 - 6 months for the cadre, depending on course dates and timings.
  13. Guys thanks for all the responses, you've all been great helps
    I'm off into York later on today to go to work.. Which is a ball ache getting the train there twice a week =|

    Whilst there I'll call into AFCO speak to them, and hopefully come out with more information about the Paras, it seems like a possibility, the only downside is the travelling there and back on parade nights..

    I'll keep yous all informed :)
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