TA while working on a rotation

Does anyone have any experience being in the TA but working on a rotation? I'm waiting on a visa, but once I get it I will be on a 5 weeks on, 5 weeks off rotation in the Middle East.

I've made enquiries with 4 PARA and the RMR, but they say it's out the question. I've tried making contact with my local TA infantry unit, but can't get through yet.

Just curious to see if anyone has managed to get round such a situation and make it work. Seems an ideal job perhaps once you're in a unit, just getting through the set weekends etc could be out of the question.

Many thanks.
It is possible but you would have to complete the modular phase 1 weekends as a consolidated course instead. If you can find a unit that suits you and explain the situation to them you may find they are willing to support you. Para and RMR probably turned you down due to the need to attend beat up training for P Coy or AACC.
I did it years ago but in what was then termed a 'specialist' unit REME. I've no idea what the eqivalent is now or even if there is one.
Thanks for the replies guys. I was rummaging about this site and found this:

TA Phase1 Training - ARRSEpedia

Where indeed it does talk about some 10 day course. I hadn't come across this anywhere else in a google search on on this forum, do you know if they are common enough?

Still not having any luck getting through to my local unit but when I do I'll be sure to ask about it. Thanks again
It depends on your RTC whether they run them. Judging by your username you probably come under 51 Bde. If your unit are willing to let you travel down to York 15 Bde RTC are running a consolidated course 18-26 Jun and can be contacted by your PSI on 01904 442786.
We, RTC(S) don't run them anymore. Depending when your contract comes through you may be better off going on Summer Challenge, as it's the only consolidated course we're involved in.
JD150 - Yeh 51 Bde it is, that course would likely be ideal if its still on, but Boxy, you are saying you don't do them anymore? There is more than one RTC I thought, are you just meaning yours?

Sorry, a bit confused!

The Summer Challenge looks perfect, wouldn't actually mind if the visa kept delaying so I could get on it :)
I am posted to your local RTC and we don't run them anymore.
To the OP - since boxy has confirmed that 51 Bde no longer run the consolidated course if you wish to complete your Phase 1 in this manner you should request that your unit contact 15 Bde RTC to book you on one of their consolidated courses or instead apply for Summer Challenge.

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