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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Olmy, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Some advise please.
    I''m been in touch with my local TA and have been evited to go along to a drill night and speak to the Sgt Major. Can anyone suggest what I should expect and what the next step would be if it went well? What kind of stuff would he want to know initially? How do I address him etc?

    I'm getting up to the maximum age for recruitment but am in good shape, no military experience.

    Thanks !
  2. Always address the sergeant major as mate, they like the informal touch
  3. Treat it as a job interview, smart casual and a shave. You may want to take your driving licence and birth certificate with you. dont turn up looking like Che Guevare or a reject from the A Team. Be polite and shake hands with people after introducing yourself.

    Make sure you check the bar out.
  4. BAR !!
    I mentioned in a different post that I am conscious that at 42 I'm going to be the oldest.
    I'm pretty fit, run 5 miles every other day, Gym etc and do lots of hiking and wild camping.
    Can do 1.5 miles under 13.5 mins.
  5. Funny that, we had a guy coming in last week with a Che look, oddly with one of those german army shirts with a homemade communist star on the back.
    A regular occurence perhaps?

    Olmy, as polar69 says, just turn up smart and show some positive interest.
    You will probably be taken through some things specific to that unit, and then given a big envelope filled with lots of stuff to fill in and bring back.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    has anyone ever turned someone away for their choice of T shirt? I doubt it, unless they are interviewing as a potential officer.

    It is not a job interview - it is an expression of interest in an organisation which is under-recruited and desperate to take everyone young (?) and fit (?) enough to join.

    If "Che" is the right age and basically healthy, he will be signed up just as quickly as the bloke next to him in a suit.
  7. Olmy, seriously, you need to drop that "I am ancient" mindset. If the Army thought 42 was ancient for the TA, it wouldn't have introduced 43 as the maximum joining age for newbies would it?

    That said, don't fall into the trap of being overly familiar with the staff as you're a similar age. I've seen it happen, and quiet words had.

    We've certainly had re-treads and older people applying to join us (Infantry) in recent times. If the unit you intend to join is the same, don't think you'll be on your own as the more mature individual.

    As for forms of address, EVERYONE is Sir , until instructed otherwise, the CSM certainly is.

    Bring in Passport, Driving Licence, Birth Certificate 4 x passport colour photos. Nat Ins card and any med docs, vaccinations or inoculations etc you may have.

    Edit - Just spoken to our own RRT CSM, and he says in addition Birth Certs for any kids and marriage certificate if married.

    The more official paperwork you can furnish at time of application, the faster you can be processed through the system.

    As for the bar, we INSIST all newbies get up to the bar after final parade. We introduce our newbies to the NCO's and Officers from Night one.

    We make sure people starting at a similar time introduce themselves to each other , and once your paperwork is in, and the group shakes out, we ask you to exchange mobile numbers with others in your peer group too.

    We try to get you functioning and thinking as part of a group and a part of the Coy from night one.

    Good luck.
  8. dont let your age put you off one bit, you say that you keep in good shape and that really counts, follow the advice from above and as your new to all this army lark dont be affraid to ask the question of what to call who, i did, i was getting it wrong on my selection day and i was just put right, you only have to start to worry about getting the title of rank right once you start your phase 1.
    good luck and enjoy
  9. Olmy, we have a 42 yr old on my RTC phase 1 course, not an ex reg or ex TA. No one commented - no one really cared how old anyone was. He's very fit and finished the 1.5 miler well within time. So go for it, age is not an issue :)
  10. Really appreciate your comments, some really sound advise there.
    Are there any age considerations in mobilization oppurtunities in the TA ?
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It really depends on the type of unit you are planning to join, and your personal fitness.

    If in a Combat Service Support role, you have every chance of deploying in role, and to a large degree the same in the Combat Support roles.

    The main issue will be fitness (both physical and structural) if you are planning on joining a combat arm.

    We have a number of older Pte soldiers, mainly rejoiners. Realistically, they will not be in a front line rifle platoon when they deploy, but filling G4/drivers jobs. Operating in extreme heat/altitude, wearing Osprey and carrying full front line scales really is a young man's game - particularly at the very high intensity end of the ops spectrum and junior ranks.
  12. The regiment I'm looking at is an infantry regiment with a TA batallion.
    But there is also REME TA close by.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    With most TA Infantry, they deploy in a force protection role. Typically, this is guarding base locations (sangars and local patrols), QRF/ARF tasks, escorts etc. These should be well within the capabilities of a trained TA soldier, whatever their age.

    However, the FP role can sometimes include being used in offensive actions (see Somme Coy, The London Regiment for example). In this case, you need to be working with the same loads and at the same tempo as a regular rifle platoon. Unless you are comfortably under 10.30 PFT pace once trained, the CFT is just a walk in the park, and without any significant pre-exisiting injuries this is a very big ask.

    You will still be able to do your bit, but perhaps not in the fighting platoons.
  14. What is the usual duration of a tour for a TA Soldier, is there any flexibillity?