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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lilads, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    recently joined TA, got my dates for training weekend. I have recieved my uniform, will i be issued with extra kit (sleeping bag, webbing etc) for training? and is there anything else i will need to get to take with me for the rest of the weekends?

    thanks very much
  2. haribo rarely goes amiss.
  3. thank you, it has been noted :)
  4. Yes you should get issued a sleeping system and a set of webbing, check with your unit storeman on the drill night before you are due to go at the latest. Your unit should have issued you a kit list for your weekend, if your unit doesn't have a kit list they should be able to get one from the RTC for you.

    Which RTC are you going to? . Depending on the RTC they may do a kit check on weekend 1 to make sure your unit has issued you with everything you are supposed to have, make sure you take everything you have been issued with you if this is the case. On top of the issued stuff take haribo and civi kit in case you are allowed in the bar on the Friday and Saturday night.
  5. You should get issued everything you need by either your unit or your RTC itself.

    For other stuff, have a read through this : Recommended Kit - ARRSEpedia

    However, don't feel the need to go out and buy a shite load of kit - The only immediate things for starting training that I'd recommend you buy are a decent boot polish kit, housewife and possibly a decent iron if you don't own one already.

    Everything else you should get as and when you need it - And until you finish your training, stick with your issued kit (unless on medical grounds you can't). Otherwise, you'll just be denting your wallet and asking for a bollocking.
  6. thanks very much guys, really looking forward to it :D
  7. you shuld get issued bergan , daysacs, webbing etc from stores on arrival to rtc
    at least thats how its done at strencil

  8. I'm glad you qualified that because we don't issue any kit at our RTC, if you don't have it issued by your unit, or you forget to pack it you do without....if it will affect your training then either your unit delivers it to you at the RTC or they come and pick you up.
  9. booze, porn, and food!!
  10. Flip flops for the shower - don't want to catch any thing nasty. There will be some right gopping ***** on your course.
    Smokes - to either smoke or to sell when people run out on day one.
    Small radio - for entertainment in the evening.
    Pens/Pencils and a small note pad for taking notes.
    Folder - for putting the hand outs in.
    Snacks as the food will be shit no matter where you go.
  11. That pretty much covers it. I would also take a track suit to change into in the evening if you get time weekend one is a big ****-about. Don't worry you wont be the biggest mong there there's always someone worst !
  12. Hi guys im due there next weekend,Whats in store? I heard there's a instructor who's a bit of a character? cheers lads
  13. i got my weekend one next weekend, and ive heard the same thing!
  14. it depends which RTC you are going to, the above mentioned instructor is at 4th div's Malta barracks
  15. Fitness and a sense of humour