TA Week?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Humphrey_De_Tiluel, May 3, 2006.

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  1. Anybody aware of Next week being National TA week?? I only ask as I thought this idea (Which used to take place first week in april) had been abandoned.

    Lo and behold I happened to be flicking through the radio stations in the car and I caught a snippet of a TA advert.

    Thought I'd have a listen and how surprised was I to hear the announcement at the end that Next week is National TA week!!

    Have I been in the middle of a comms/admin vortex (Not an unusual occurence unfortunately) or is this news to others? particularly those of you involved in the PR / recruiting side of life in your units.

  2. News to me, next week is maintenance.. :roll:
  3. Drill for us. Last thing I heard about any national TA events was that the last national open day was in 2002, and that from that point everything became a more local based affair
  4. Last one I was involved in was 2003 bit low key considering most of the pers planned to be involved were getting a sun tan inbetween bouts of 4R :roll:

    We were told we were to make a big effort for it last year but then this was the week before it happened so not an option and I too was under the impression that last year's was the last big one off event, now the plan is more of a constant low key push with regular ramping up of local and national press and radio adverts.

    It was certainly news to me when I heard the advert on the radio yesterday!!
  5. Well lets all hope somebody knows what they are doing, we all know the MOD knows best ;)
  6. TA Day will be on 3 June this year.

    Haven't heard anything about National TA week, Google throws up one for last year but I think it was Scotland only.

    However 17-28 May is Be Nice to Nettles Week! No Duff: http://www.nettles.org.uk/
  7. Hmm, well we're doing a two day recruting thing next weekend, I wonder if it's related?
  8. We're doing something along those lines, starting Thursday and finishing Saturday night.

    Also got a recruiting stand at the local college all day tomorrow - shame it's renowned for having some of the most butters people in my borough though :roll: :D
  9. Reserve Forces Day in London (previously one of our biggest recruiting successes) has been replaced by 'Reserve Forces Month'. This is great because it means that we will get 31 x the amount of recruits we used to get.....

    Except of course, instead of a big day in the centre of london with lots of specific advertising and shiny kit to attract the punters we are getting a few radio adverts and a poster or two. :roll:
  10. My mob have known abo it for some time now. As per the norm the NRPSrecruiting/retention type bloke is sending out lots of junk mail to everyone involved with recruiting and in turn not listening to a word anyone has to say on the matter :x :roll: . Looks like another incoming farce. For example i got a call from a mate yeserday telling me i am running a recruiting event on 13/14 May!!!!! News to me i can assure you! :roll: