TA waste #2

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fake_Welshman, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. My civi clark just phoned me (and everyone else in the coy) to find out what my next of kin's DOB. is. Apparently it's needed for JPA.

    Waste: 1-2 days, though she is contracted for however many hours, so not coming out of the MTD budget.

    Reason: Some newly introduced JPA thing? Incompetency by admin staff at start?
  2. There is reason behind this. It's to make sure they are informing the correct Next-of-Kin in case of an emergency.

    Some family members might have the same name, but not the same DOB.
  3. Haven't they heard of email? Or is that not allowed due to persec issues?
  4. TA Waste #3 - The 3 and a half litres of Bhopal produced drain cleaner disposed of down the washdown grid that could have been fed to you thus erasing you from the planet ?
  5. Personally it would have been something I would have emailed. But lets have hope that the Clerk was also double checking the Soldiers contact number at the same time :twisted: .
  6. Granted I'm RAuxAF but my Sqn has fully embraced 'technology'.

    Email, website, text messages, Facebook group, Twitter.

    Twitter FFS.

    Guess who's got a new PO so fresh from the farm her trousers still smell like a dry-cleaners rather than of anything 'interesting'.
  7. Question answered. Cheers.
    But why wasn't this implemented when we all set up JPA 3? years ago. And why has it only come to light now?

    Technology, HA. We still get FAXED anything that is deemed necessary for us to see. Generally we have to pester for info on anything (being separate from coy hq).
  8. Its been implemented now (or at least 12 months ago) because of casualties being suffered and some embarrassing cock ups whereby Notifying Officers have gone to wrong addresses or informed the wrong people.

    JPA can be updated by the individual everytime they change girlfriends etc rather than having to find a clerk and manually get your details changed.

    It is a pretty pointless ex though as you update all your details on the pre-MCCP's etc..........................normally at least 5-6 times it gets checked!
  9. we had a Facebook group which we all joined, then some Int Corps dorris went looking through all our profiles and came in for a presentation telling us about our own personal backgrounds and showing us photos of ourselves, in the name of PERSEC.

    She had a fair point, but if the unit hadn't made a facebook group she wouldn't have known where to look.
  10. oh, and I thought the whole point of JPA was you did it yourself?
  11. I can hear the security checks now....

    Hi Mam...

    Are you Fanny Smith?

    Can you give tell me the month of your birth?

    What was your husbands first name?
  12. Ours is a closed group with access controlled by the resident geek.

    This means that only us and an indeterminate number of underpaid third-world Facebook employees know who shagged who after the last BBQ and who has jacked this week. Obviously it's treated with the PERSEC contempt beloved of Green Slime since the Interwebs were first spun.
  13. The ammount of time i have given my CV checked my JPA, corrected said JPA, re-did it after having been mobilised and deployed and then was asked for my Dad's DoB (second contact). Is there an admin black hole that things get entered in then disapear?
  14. Couldn't it have waited until the next training night ? I was also under the impression that your JPA details were checked at Chillwell......
  15. Your welcome F_W.

    I'm sending you a PM on this.