Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mollzers, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. hello! I have been browsing some of these threads and have noticed alot of TA blokes saying "i can do your job can you do mine" and giving an impression of being just as good as their regular counterparts.

    I was just wandering what the concensus was.

    Obviously in the past couple of years the TA being deployed a bit more and working alongside the regs..

  2. I think it's obvious that the reg's will be better trained as they are full time, they, or you even probrably spend weeks on section attacks, it's drummed into us in 2 days. But it's been proven that when the TA go to the likes of Iraq with the reg's, most can do the job just the same as a regular soldier...

    It just takes us a bit to get up to speed and to adapt to the training and the unit we are attached too....

    My mate just won a medal for saving a "regular soldiers" life...

    We are still trained soldiers, but we don't do it 5 days a week, thats all...
  3. I don't think there is any clear cut answer, as all jobs, trades and appointments have different levels of requirement.

    Nobody would argue that a TA soldier has the same experience, qualification and military ability as a regular soldier with the same length of service. A TA soldier will take a lot longer to attain military and trade specific skills. That is clear. They do however tend to have masses of enthusiasm, and when put in a situation where a regular is bored, pizzed off or complacent, they tend to put more effort into the Op/Ex. In other words they aren't de-sensitized or 'stale'. A good thing, but not always a replacement for experience.

    Another thing the regs tend to forget is that a large proportion of some units are actually ex-regs. Having got out due to their other half not wanting to trapes around after them or financial reasons, but still wanting to do their bit or enjoy the army life. There you get the best of both worlds and their experience is passed on the others in their unit.

    However, no matter what viewpoint you take, what you have to remember is that it doesn't matter if you think that a STAB can or cannot do the job. If, or should that now be 'when' he's deployed, either as an individual or as part of a unit, he will be doing that job. If he can't do it he's got to get up to speed very quickly. He knows the ARABs aren't going to let him get away with anything so he has to work harder just to be treated as an equal.
  4. STABS don't have to be as good or better than ARABS, they just have to be better than the enemy....... :wink:
  5. which can sometimes be the reg's... :lol:

  6. As above ther are some really squared away bloke int he TA. Yea ther are sone nobheads, but then that goes for the regs aswell. There are good and bad of both. What p1sses me off is someome assuming all TA are sh1te. I am but not all STAB's are.
  7. But we'd never call ourselfs STABs and get a bit narked about those that do
  8. hmmm at this moment in time I am an ex-reg, this is a situation that is about to change HOWEVER in the mean time I feel I can lord it in my full time status :wink:

    I have never had a real problem with the TA, quite a few lads (my best mate included) were TA before joining up full time and they were excellent to a man. But on the other hand I have worked with a few from the RA Spec pool and , well, less said the better (and they were ex-regs 8O )

    Thing is the TA tends to be eager and in-experienced, not in time served but in amount of time doing the job, whilst many regs are experienced but less than motivated, so the question is who do you want in your trench with you ? The guys who know his job inside out but looks for the easy option or someone who did a 2 day camp but is bright as a button ? Your call, I often feel it all evens out eventually.

    Thing is arrogance on boths sides prevails, regs will always look at TA as part time weekend walters whilst the TA think they are just as good, or in one individuals case better becuse he must be better as he fitted 14 weeks training in 2 weeks., :? hmmmm

    Anyway enough about the equality of us all, lets get back to STAB bashing :D

    Right my only real attack on TA members is what I have seen on tour, now this was I must admit was in the days were TA on tour was unusual. I knew one in NI and one in Bosnia, both were fine till they came back from R&R, after x amount of days on the lash telling war stories to thier mates they then had to face up to the reality of continuing. Also areas where they had many problems was the idosyncanices of the BSM/RSM, things like outside areas on op they felt was very strange, funny really. To put it bluntly, they couldn't handle the daily inane cr@p a reg has to go through, I hope with more TA on tours theere might be an improvement in that field, but i doubt it.
  9. Oh yes we would. I go to STAB's annonymous. My name is Forniup I am a STAB. It's the first step to recovery!.
    You must spend a lot of the time p1ssed off if you get annoyed everytime someone tries to wind you up by calling you a rubbish name
  10. God knows what I was trying to say.... (think it was soemthing refering to this below)

    Have only witnessed one regular using the term STAB as a insult (or words to that effect), he was actually a poor soldier himself weak management skills and v poor trade skills, he ended up being posted out.
  11. Go on polar which PSI was that then :p
  12. I would agree with you there. I love going on excercise and I'd like to get a few tours done in the next few years but I would NEVER consider joining the regs (inf) as a Tom. I've been with regs in barracks and I cant believe how mind numbingly boring the average day is. OOOOOOOOOO highlight of the day, staggin on the maingate! cracking, that's why I went to university ;) my mate did a 6month ftrs to a unit in a garrison, I have never seen him si depressed!

    I cant see there being an improvment in that area because, in the infantry, I would say that the intelect of the TA soldier is generally higher than that of his reg counterpart. If he wasnt doing mundane shit in camp, he would be doing it in a factory.
  13. Which is were I feel a lot of the antagonism comes from, someone joins the regs to do the things that the TA do, what they are not prepared for is the bits inbetween. Before I joined up I was a casual labourer in a metalworks shop, my main role was painting fences and gates, when I left one guy said to me I would be painting tanks, I arrogantly stated I would never do that again. First job once I joined the regt proper ? Painting a LandRover :roll: Not long after,like a week, I found myself in sunny Bessbrook, as I went on my first patrol I saw a RM Commando weeding the vehicle park resplendent in his Green Beret, so even the warry b'stds get it

    Just to set the record straight, when I said "I hope with more TA on tours there might be an improvement in that field" I meant that I hope the regs wise up more NOT that the TA get used to inane jobs
  14. Not your callsign (or corps)
  15. I was only pulling your leg mate :p
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