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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. On the old TA website they used to have a regional map with all the units and vacancies within them listed. I dont think this exists anymore.

    How does one go about finding units and vacancies now?

    If I stay RAMC CMT I need to change unit to get promoted and with the current difficulties experienced by my Trade/Corps it may be better to change anyway.

    Any great opportunities out there?

  2. Well C,

    how close to the south Coast are you, and which Corps interests you ?
  3. Great link.... How about one that shows what vacancies they have? You know, like he says in the original post...

    Smart arrse.

    T C
  4. msr

    msr LE

    It's just a phone call away...

    And anyway, given the current manning state, any unit will 'create' a post for you from spare LSNs (or PINs as they may already be).

  5. Thanks all.

    I live within easy distance of Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth but could go further.

    I would be interested in any CMT Sgts - S/Sgt rank ranged post which would make future promotion possible. Alternatively any Corps/Job which offers interesting training opportunities, getting cold, wet and muddy can only be a bonus! promotion opportunities would also be good.

    My current unit treats me very well, I like it and the people in it. However it has no career structure, MTD's are limited and they tend to keep me in the box marked CMT, ie they have instructors in every field so are happy for me to do my Medic thing so have no wish for me to do anything else.

    Although it seems I have been in forever, there is still more I want to do and more I want to learn.

    Anything else considered!

  6. I had such an acute Finbarr Saunders moment just then, I nearly choked.
  7. Dear Dr Evil

    Mmm, well it made sense when I wrote it (best defence)

    But I still have a few more years left before slinging out time and would like to make the most of it rather than residing in the "CMT, use sparingly" box


    PS "Adding tone, dash and colour to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl" Sounds oh so cavalry! Still if strange colour mixes, yellow shirts, bright cravats, mustard or red trousers (or worse, lightweights!) red socks and brown shoes are your idea of dash then the misinterpretation of my post makes perfect sense!
  8. Check your PMs Cardinal