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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by jakeyboy, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi I'm currently on the dole unfortunately. I have applied at my local ta unit. I'm wondering if the jobcentre can take the money I've worked for after camps etc. Cheers
  2. The robbing bastards at the job centre will take all TA earnings into account!!

  3. they dont take the first £20 quid of earnings into account. For non TA types its the first £5 of income that is "free"

    Also camps dont go against you, whereas going away for two weeks somewhere else says your arent actually looking for work, according to them anyway
  4. It's a ball-ache. They count a training weekend as being more than the 15.5 hours that you can work a week, meaning you will have to close your claim on the Friday and re-start it on the Monday. This comes with all the attendant form filling, re-start interview and other Jobcentre related shite.
  5. They just make everything difficult thanks for the replies though
  6. You have to fill in a form each week saying what hours you worked with TA and they will average these out over a month so to avoid the 16hrs/wk issue.

    During annual camp you will have to sign off but can complete a 'rapid reclaim' on your return.
  7. How much does the dole pay now ?
    Does the TA have the potential to pay more ?
  8. Don't know - your dole will be reduced, depending upon your income from the TA, but will not affect housing benefit payments, etc so I guess that TA and claiming is better than just claiming. Camps, courses are counted as full time work so you do have to sign off from all benefits when you are away.

    But, my name's Bob and I'll tell you anything.

    Get off your arrse and go down and ask at the job centre you scrote!
  9. JSA is around £67 a week. You get that for 182 days if you're on contribution based JSA then payment stops. Worth continuing to sign on though as your NI contributions are still paid and you need it for any loan insurance payts to continue.

    JSA income based is the same amount but if youre TA then you are given a £20 disregard before deductions of other income begin to come off pound for pound.

    I can't answer any queries today but if anyone needs advice PM me and I'll get back to you in the next couple of days.
  10. Many moons ago when I was signing on id queried about whether or not TA wages are affected or whether they affect the dole money. I was told at the time that no it doesnt make any difference, unless its changed now but I doubt it.

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  11. People who work for the DWP front end are *****.
    People who spend a lifetime of signing on the "bureau" pronounced "brew" over here are *****.
    They exist to take money from honest people and hand it to the sponging cox who spend all day watching Jeremy Kyle.
    Make the max from the TA while you still can, there is going to be no cash injection into either.
    The only good earner nowadays is being a pimp or writing a book.

  12. look on p25 of this latest dwp publication (top of page)


    it states that duties doesnt count towards paid work
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    thats new from my day, you could do 4 days a month and it didnt effect your dole but did screw up your income support. back then they didnt count sunday work either.

    now you can work 15 hours a week and it doesnt count.
  14. no need to continue signing if you've children under the age of 11
  15. This is why I like my idea of binning dole....

    If a bloke was paid minimum wage for 1 hours work there would be non of this pish. Don't care if you are looking for work or not. You turn up, pick up litter/scrub graffiti and earn the princely sum of £6+/-

    No interest in your savings, no interest in any thing really.

    Just you turn up, you get paid. You don't turn up/turn up incapable through drugs or drink you don't get paid.

    You work cash in hand elsewhere? No trouble.

    NI deductions etc taken at source as peranyother employee.